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Fountains at Bellagio

Date Visited: 09/11 - Good Visit
The fountains are a must see for anyone young and old. Be sure to stand out front on the sidewalk to get the full effect. They are breath taking!
<hydedeb -at- gmail.com> - Gaylord MI USA - Added 12/06/11 - [66.227.176***]
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CSI: The Experience
Date Visited: 11/11 - Bad Visit
This was a huge disappointment! Very expensive for what you actually got. The web site stated the tour was 60-90 minutes when in fact it was thirty minutes. Would not recommend or encourage anyone to waste their money on this!
<fuzzwuzz674 -at- hotmail.com> - Las Vegas NV USA - Added 11/24/11 - [24.253.49.***]
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Nelson, NV
Date Visited: 07/10 - Good Visit
I went here last year and will be going again today. I loved it, it was very interesting. I think everyone should take a ride out there and explore. Can't wait for hubby to get home to head out there, this is what I wanted to do for my birthday.
<quenidalee -at- hotmail.com> - Las Vegas NV USA - Added 10/08/11 - [96.26.170.***]
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Stratosphere Tower

Date Visited: 09/11 - Good Visit
Our visit was free because we stayed at the hotel - if we had to pay the full price, I am not sure I would have ranked it as high. Do to the age of the tower (it was leaking in 4 spots that I saw too) and the other attractions in town, the hotel probably needs to come down on the price to visit the tower (the ride costs look reasonable). I saw some reviews on how rude the bartender was at the bar, but I really liked the bartender I had. He knew the view was scary for me and he talked me into being comfortable enough to go to the window. He has been at the tower since it opened and was extremely friendly. We went at sunset which was spectacular. The view is wonderful and if you can get a deal on the visit, you should include it on your list of things to do.
<kwilliams6 -at- elmore.rr.com> - Deatsville AL USA - Added 09/14/11 - [68.207.185***]
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Walker African-American Museum

Date Visited: 08/11 - Bad Visit
Walker African-American Museum is disappointing to see. The museum is inside of a small house.
<scollinsinlv -at- gmail.com> - Las Vegas NV USA - Added 08/19/11 - [99.204.76.***]
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Pinball Hall of Fame
Date Visited: 07/11 - Good Visit
Great for nostalgia buffs and kids alike. You will not find another place like it anywhere! If you enjoy pinball then this is the place for you. At least 100+ games to play at any given time and they change frequently. It's even cool to see the old games waiting to be repaired sitting off to the side.

They have a huge selection of new pins there from Stern as well. They all cost at least 50 cents to play but that is a deal compared to any other arcade out there. There are some video games, claw games etc. You can have your kids B-Day party there as well!

Twenty bucks will last you for a good couple of hours here. That can't be said for any of the casinos in the town! Oh, be sure to have some popcorn from the 25 cent vending machine! Yum!
<daybreaker01 -at- yahoo.com> - USA - Added 07/12/11 - [207.157.157.***]
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Sirens of TI - Treasure Island
Date Visited: 04/11 - Good Visit
The Best Captain Mac: One of the performers who regularly plays Captain Mac is a million times better than the other 2. He is a superb actor, and on the nights he is performing he makes the show. The other two “Captains “ are very pedestrian by comparison, they look like they were sourced from Home Depot, and the show does not come alive when they play the Captain.

<debbiemount37 -at- yahoo.co.uk> - Las Vegas NV USA - Added 04/01/11 - [64.250.228.***]
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Sirens of TI - Treasure Island
Date Visited: 02/11 - Good Visit
We really enjoyed Sirens of TI, so much so we saw it several times. The story line was excellent, cleverly thought out. The cast were very good, as was the music. For us Sirens of TI was the best thing in Las Vegas
<rangda.aa -at- gmail.com> - St George UT USA - Added 02/08/11 - [64.250.228.***]
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Sirens of TI - Treasure Island
Date Visited: 09/11 - Bad Visit
Bring back the old pirate battle. the old pirate battle was fun and you could watch it every time you walked by treasure island and never get bored. The only thing the new one offers is women and guys is skimpy clothing. You can see that at any point on the strip and you don't have to wait? Las Vegas is full of that. Treasure island screwed up a good thing.
<iguard3 -at- bis.midco.net> - Bismarck ND USA - Added 01/08/11 - [96.3.139.***]
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McCarran Aviation History Museum

Date Visited: 12/09 - Good Visit
VERY interesting displays. I especially love the 1950's car!
<dianebush -at- cox.net> - Las Vegas NV USA - Added 12/20/10 - [198.200.132***]
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Erotic Heritage Museum

Date Visited: 11/10 - Good Visit
The historical segments and the fine art was my favorite parts of the museum. Not for everyone, but well presented and maintained. The gift shop has some beautiful artwork and items.
<dianebush -at- cox.net> - Las Vegas NV USA - Added 12/20/10 - [198.200.132***]
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Searchlight Museum

Date Visited: 12/09 - Good Visit
A small but charming museum with wonderful information about searclights' famous citizens such as Clara Bow, Edith Head, Rex Bell, and others. Well maintained and well presented!
<dianebush -at- cox.net> - Las Vegas NV USA - Added 12/20/10 - [198.200.132***]
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Clark County Heritage Museum
Date Visited: 12/10 - Good Visit
This is a great bargain at $1.50 for adults and $1.00 for seniors and children.
My favorite part is the historic homes you can go inside, and see how people lived in the 50's,40's,30's, and earlier. The wedding chapel is also a treat, and the railroad cars, depot, caboose are great, too. The ghost town is great for steam-punk fans, and I always see a jackrabbit and roadrunner on the grounds, when I walk through there. A delightful winter escape from the usual Las Vegas hubbub.
<dianebush -at- cox.net> - Las Vegas NV USA - Added 12/16/10 - [198.200.132***]
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Grand Canyon
Date Visited: 04/10 - Good Visit
What can be said about the Grand Canyon? Awesome, breath taking, amazing? These words only just begin to describe the Grand Canyon! Booked online inadvance through Look tours. From pick up to drop off eveything was on time and professional. Our driver was funny and very informative about the history of Las Vegas, Hoover Dam (which was included in this trip) and of course the feature itself. Went on the skywalk, was a bit dissapointed that we couldn't take pictures,the reason being that they want you to pay $30 for their own guy to take pictures of you instead. Lunch at the Ranch was good, eat there the cornbread was excellent.
<gman316 -at- gmail.com> - Kamloops BC Canada - Added 10/19/10 - [24.67.156***]
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Knight Gallery
Date Visited: 07/10 - Good Visit
The Knight Gallery has a great collection of photographs of musicians. There are other works there too! It is a small gallery, but if you have a few minutes, it is a must see in Las Vegas.
<orbieisback -at- yahoo.com> - Las Vegas NV USA - Added 07/18/10 - [192.5.73.***]
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Grand Canyon

Date Visited: 07/10 - Bad Visit
The Grand Canyon itself is breathtaking, you must see it but DO NOT book with
bestlasvegastours.com. These people are con men. We booked a West rim bus, boat
and helicopter tour. The helicopter ride was about eight minutes both ways. The
pontoon boat cruise was 18 mins (I timed it) so basically you are paying an
additional $150 per person for 26 mins. The quality of lunch was poor. There
were too many switches of buses eating up time such that we had to rush through
our day to make it back on time to go back to Vegas. We did not get to see all
points of interest as promised by this tour company. On the bus ride my party of
eight were at the front of the line so we got to pick our seats and my dad and
cousin each sat by the window. My cousin was rudely told to move to sit with my
dad so that a married white couple could sit together, this was not a request it
was a demand. There were no reserved seats, it should be first come first
served. The tour operator had a shouting match with my dad (my dad was already
angry that they had deceived us about pricing and wrongly booked our tour) and
threatened to call the police and remove my dad from the bus because he refused
to move. My dad never did anything antisocial or use swear words, he was simply
standing up for his rights. I have never seen such an outright form of
discrimination towards my family in my life. He had ruined eight people's
experience of the Grand Canyon. Horrible customer service and poorly constructed
<samantha_sam87 -at- hotmail.com> - Mississauga ON Canada - Added 07/04/10 - [99.230.213***]
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Sirens of TI - Treasure Island

Date Visited: 02/10 - Bad Visit
The old "pirates" show was great - interesting and exciting story about the battle between the pirate ship and the British frigate. This Sirens of TI show is just bad - poorly written, poorly acted, and.... what's with throwing all that white paint on the ship?
<gizmostarr -at- hotmail.com> - USA - Added 06/13/10 - [174.95.57.***]
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CSI: The Experience

Date Visited: 05/10 - Good Visit
We found the experience good but were disappointed that the entrance fee did not include the CSI certificate if you solved the case. Of course, they wanted more money for it, which we declined out of principle.
<gjl32 -at- shaw.ca> - USA - Added 05/24/10 - [70.65.136.***]
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Oatman, AZ
Date Visited: 09/09 - Good Visit
This is a pretty nice little town to visit.
<frank -at- lvol.com> - Las Vegas NV USA - Added 05/19/10 - [68.108.60.***]
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Death Valley National Park
Date Visited: 04/10
Death Valley National Park is located east of the Sierra Nevada mountains in the arid Great Basin of the USA. The park also extends into southern Inyo County and northern San Bernardino County in eastern California and southwestern Nye County and southern Esmeralda County in Nevada. The national park is spread over an area of 13,630 square kilometres and includes Saline Valley, a part of Panamint Valley, almost the entire Death Valley and Eureka Valley. It was declared a national monument in 1993 and redesignated as a national park in 1994. Pahrump in Nevada is the nearest city to Death Valley National Park.
<nancyt63 -at- gmail.com> - Lake City FL USA - Added 04/09/10 - [219.90.110.***]
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Grand Canyon
Date Visited: 03/10 - Good Visit
I just returned off a great day out at the Grand Canyon with my wife. We looked through all the
different companies and couldnt seem to see who did what and what rim was best. So, we booked on
the internet with 1st Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tours ( i think that s the name - so confusing). We did
the Grand Canyon South Rim National Park Bus Tour as it was under 100 bucks each and we had been
told the same tour costs $180 in the hotels. It was a full day from 7am to 9pm but it was awesome. A
comfortable bus and good food, but, most of all Ron our driver made the day. He was fun and seemed
to know so much about the canyon. He seemed like he loved hio s job . Good job Ron. So here's a link
to their site if you want to cut through the mess of info out there. <A
HREF="www.1stlasvegasgranscanyontours.com">First Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tours</A>
<stbpropholdings -at- yahoo.com> - Las Vegas NV USA - Added 03/01/10 - [70.170.124***]
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Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden
Date Visited: 12/09 - Bad Visit
The lighted Castus Garden self tour was very nice and highly recommended for children and all. The factory tour was pathethic, others mentioned free samples and I sure didn't see any. Sorry but I priced some items and they were horrendous especially in this local economy. Who buys $3.95 greeting cards, $4 candy suckers etc. A little candy making activity was going on but that was minimal. We then entered a M&M Store that had soiled M&M pillows for $18.95, M&M men's briefs for $18.95 and other ridiuculously priced chotskies that would be in the next throwaway bag for equally horrendous prices. Truly amazing that probably the biggest privately owned co in America would not do some marketing research. If I were the owners and I saw the pathetic merchandise and prices, I would be embarrassed. Money isn't a problem for me, but I feel empathy for those less fortunate that are subjected to this type of country fair merchandise for prices that remind one of merchandise offered to captive buyers at airports. Actually it isn't that high quality. Sad, very sad.
<rileywkr -at- yahoo.com> - Henderson NV USA - Added 12/15/09 - [68.224.39.***]
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Grand Canyon

Date Visited: 11/09
DO NOT book through Vision Tours!! The experience with them was horrible. They pick you up at the hotel almost 2 hours before the flight and you wait at least 1 1/2 hours in there facility before boarding the plane. For our honeymoon we did the The 3 in 1 West Rim Air & Ground Voyager Adventure Tour. Once we arrived at the canyon we waited another hour to board the helicopter. Because of all the waiting time we were unable to view all aspects that were included in the tour. When they say lunch on the rim, they mean that they give you a box lunch before you board the plane and you eat it when you want. We were very disappointed by the the so called tour (no guides) and were rushed the entire time. Their motto should be "Hurry up and wait"
<kinte -at- kintetaylor.com> - Savannah GA USA - Added 11/30/09 - [168.11.77.***]
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Lion Habitat

Date Visited: 10/09
Every time we went, but for once, it was very crowded and hard to get a glimpse. Be strategic. :-)
<notmycrap -at- yahoo.com> - USA - Added 10/26/09 - [24.8.92.***]
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Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden
Date Visited: 10/09
Poor at best, just ask around the concierge counter. Laughable...they spend allot of money with the tour bus companies I'm sure. If you wanna go to M&M's world do it on the strip...it's much more worth your time. Cactus garden was cool though.
<maipud -at- gmail.com> - Henderson NV USA - Added 10/11/09 - [72.193.156.***]
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Indian River Gallery
Date Visited: 07/09 - Good Visit
This gallery is the best of the best! If you are in Las Vegas anytime in the future, you have GOT to stop at Indian River Gallery! They have the most exquisite pieces of Native American art and jewelry you could imagine! A+++
<alstamper66 -at- yahoo.com> - USA - Added 09/29/09 - [69.34.97.***]
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Fremont Street Experience

Date Visited: 04/09 - Good Visit
I liked it. Unfortunately there was no scheule to be found so we didn't see the Queen music one that's advertised. We saw the dream video which was cute, but not what I really wanted. The street vendors are entertaining to walk thru & see what's happening. Good people watching as well. And the bands that were playing sounded good--people were dancing in the street.
<ars0525 -at- hotmail.com> - IL USA - Added 04/13/09 - [209.242.34***]
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Lion Habitat

Date Visited: 04/09
This was the BEST FREE thing we did! Got there right about 11 (the lions were just turned loose) & they were pretty active. 1 laid on the glass walkway playing which was cool to be underneath looking up. They were interacting with the handlers (playing with toys) & each other a little (2 lions were loose). But already after 10 minutes they were laying down & taking a snooze. I wasn't sure what to expect after the reviews here, but the lions don't live in some tiny 20x20 glass box. And they don't even live in it full time. It was very nice & clean & I thought the animals looked well taken care. Definitely see it, but make sure to get the timing right. Others have gone later & the lions are just napping.
<ars0525 -at- hotmail.com> - IL USA - Added 04/13/09 - [209.242.34***]
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Sirens of TI - Treasure Island

Date Visited: 04/09 - Undecided
The show was adult themed & had adult humor that wasn't appropriate for the young aged children present. Lots of booty slapping & shaking & boob references plus whipping the male pirates & tying them up. Perhaps that goes over the kid's heads though? We got there 30 minutes early (not hotel guests) & only got ok standing spots (on the risers along the road by the Siren ship). Couldn't really see the dancers faces, but could hear & get the gist of it. Unfortunately it was so crowded we had no choice but to stay for all of it. Having seen it once I won't be going back again.
<ars0525 -at- hotmail.com> - IL USA - Added 04/13/09 - [209.242.34***]
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Mt. Charleston
Date Visited: 03/09 - Good Visit
great place, friendly staff, family oriented. open til easter. still sking and boarding. whole area looks and feel like remote austrian village. rode the ski lift. saw andre agassi going up as we were coming down
<workfree2 -at- yahoo.com> - Houston TX USA - Added 03/31/09 - [99.188.85.***]
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