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Heli Tours Of Hoover Dam From Las Vegas
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Hoover Dam
Hyw 93 at the Nevada/Arizona Border
The new visitor center hours of operation are 8:30am to 5:45pm. A guided, 35-minute tours of Hoover Dam take visitors deep inside the monolith for a complete explanation of its history, purpose and inner workings.

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2011 and Earlier Ratings for Hoover Dam

Total Times Rated:  32
1-10 Rating:   8.093

84.37%     15.62%
 YES             Suitable for children?         NO

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Current Ratings for Hoover Dam
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Total Times Rated:  1
1-10 Rating:   6

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For 2012
Hoover Dam has a rating of: 6 out of 10 based on 1 rating(s) and 1 user review(s).

Current Comments About Hoover Dam
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Hoover Dam

Month Visited: 02/12

Took the bus tour to Hoover Dam. Drive to Boulder airport was a selling plan to get you to pay more for a helicopter ride. The helicopter ride was offered as a once in a lifetime offer as it was just starting, but the ride is offered for each and every Hoover Dam Tour.
Drop off was a nightmare. Pick up from the Hotels etc. were from smaller buses but the drop off was from a large tour bus and it took forever!!
The bus driver saved the tour as he talked about LasVegas, Boulder ect. Added his jokes etc. 10 for the Big "O"

     Rating From:  
Suitable For Children:  yes

Added: 02/09/12  [205.206.30.***]

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