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L.A. Comedy Club

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1-10 Rating:   2.5
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Last rating added: 09/28/14 from 24.11.70.***

L.A. Comedy Club has a rating of: 2.5 out of 10 based on 2 rating(s) and 2 user review(s).

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L.A. Comedy Club
Date Seen: 09/14 - Bad Show

Painfully not funny.

Steve H.
   Flint mi
Suitable For Children:  no

Added: 09/28/14  [24.11.70.***]

L.A. Comedy Club
Date Seen: 01/13 - Undecided

The Showroom was old and dingy and needed serious updating as well as the warm up comedians were enough for me to leave, they try to con you into the all you can drink wristband for and additional $15 I gather so you'll be so incoherent when they tell the jokes and hope your a happy drunk. I didn't get the jokes but some of the audience did and some just sat there. The first comedian who was black started telling racial jokes if you want to call it that, I honestly hate it when people get up on stage and start with racism. Then one of the other warm up comedians went on stage and I thought for sure he would be funny since he came from the east coast and he didn't make me laugh not once!

Denise K.
Suitable For Children:  no

Added: 01/28/13  [68.224.252***]

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