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Chippendales, The Show

Now Playing in the Chippendales Theater at Rio
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Total Times Rated:  44
1-10 Rating:   7.61
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Current Rating for Chippendales, The Show

Total Times Rated:  1
1-10 Rating:   9
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Last rating added: 07/16/12 from 108.46.24.***

Chippendales, The Show has a rating of: 9 out of 10 based on 1 rating(s) and 1 user review(s).

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Chippendales, The Show
Date Seen: 06/12 - Good Show

i live in las vegas and im always having family and friends from out of town coming to visit me, and of course when
any of my girl friends fly in, the one show they want to see is The Chippendales. Iv'e seen the show a few times and
i've really enjoyed it, the only thing is that its a little out dated... the choreography is a pretty boring and very basic.
not real dancing, almost like male cheerleaders. A lot of the men are out of shape, old and they really dont perform.
You kind of get the feeling there thinking " oh great, not another show" Im 24 yrs old and i like to see fit young hot
men in their 20s and early 30s... not 40s almost 50s.... yes i understand that a lot of the women that go to the show
are older but even they want the fantasy of a young strong man being able to pick them up and throw them around,
without worrying that the guy is going to pull something lol. The younger generation is going to keep the
chippendales show alive. Our word is going to spread faster through twitter, facebook, instagram and any other
social network.now im not bashing the show what so ever im just stating my opinion.
There was one individual that stood out in the show, Nate Estimada. his body was amazing and he actually knew
how to dance! He walks out into the audience, picks girls up and you actually feel like hes looking at you. i havnt
stopped googling him since i seen him in the show (lol) Women that go to these shows like to feel like they are
special and that they are the only women in the audience. They want to feel like they actually got their moneys worth
and nate really makes you feel that way. The only thing is i dont think hes always in the show. i've only seen him a
few times. Oh yeah, ladies if you didnt know, after the show you actually get to hang out and talk with the guys in
their own private lounge! so of course i went looking for the one guy i was attracted to (Nate Estimada) and he was so
nice! All and all its a fun show and i do recommend it, they just need to update it to for a more youthful audience.

   las vegas
Suitable For Children:  no

Added: 07/16/12  [108.46.24.***]

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