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JW Marriott Resort & Rampart Casino

Date Visited: 11/15 - Good Visit
Found this hotel to be a great value for my money. I will be back!
<jbwacc75 -at- aol.com> - - Added 11/30/15 - [162.17.86***]
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Riviera Hotel and Casino
Date Visited: 02/14 - Good Visit
They have done some improvements...rooms are always clean, casino is good with variety of games. Entertainment is generally good. Value for the hotel is excellent. USse to be in busy part of strip, but no more. However, there are major projects going on all around!
<arowe1 -at- myfairpoint.net> - Skowhegan Me USA - Added 01/25/15 - [70.20.37***]
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MGM Grand Hotel/Casino
Date Visited: 07/14 - Good Visit

<johnroters -at- gmail.com> - Meridian, Id, USA - Added 01/24/15 - [96.18.190.***]
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MGM Grand Hotel/Casino

Date Visited: 01/15 - Bad Visit
Our first room had feces on the
carpet and on both beds. Our
second room had signs of bed
To top it off I got food
poisoning at the Grand Buffet.
Mgm doesn't care and will not
respond to tweets or emails.:
<matthewmbrown -at- yahoo.com> - Denver - Added 01/24/15 - [65.128.56.***]
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Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino
Date Visited: 05/14
Stayed here on 5/4/14 to 5/8/14, rush tower rooms were great as usual, nice and clean. House
keeping was great and did a excellent job, thank's. Check in was fast and friendly, in our
room in about 10 minutes or so. Again thanks for a great stay, we'll be back.
<tpadrta -at- gmail.com> - - Added 05/27/14 - [174.25.171.***]
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Excalibur Hotel and Casino
Date Visited: 04/14 - Bad Visit
This was my husband's and mine ten year anniversary and our first ever visit to Las Vegas.
Most of my family and coworkers have all been to Las Vegas and have stayed in different hotel
s. My friend Veronica had stayed at Excalibur and always highly recommended it each time I
mentioned that I wanted to visit Las Vegas.

My first regret after booking this hotel was that it is very "kid friendly" which I am
assuming is the idea behind the "Walt Disney" like design of the hotel. Upon arrival I notice
a weird smell to this hotel. It must be that the place is covered in old dirty carpet. Why if
supposedly all old hotels in las Vegas are imploded has this o e been spared?

When we checked in we had to pay $75, a so called "pool fee". We were never Abel to use the
pool throughout our four night stay because it was overwhelmed with people and the bigger
better part of the pool was closed of because "it didn't open until May"..... Really people?
That section of the pool is clearly in working order and it's would help make room but you
decide to close it. What a major rip-off and not to mention a deceptive practice on behalf of
the Excalibur. Shame on you and MGM!
Furthermore the beds are super hard and the pillows are horribly small!
<evonnerod -at- gmail.com> - mcallen, Tx - Added 04/23/14 - [24.243.10***]
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Wynn Las Vegas
Date Visited: 03/14 - Good Visit

affordable, cheap customer friendly company concerned with the welfare of las vegas residents and visitors, guests
<vegastrashpickup -at- gmail.com> - Las Vegas, NV USA - Added 03/09/14 - [174.23.189***]
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MGM Grand Hotel/Casino
Date Visited: 08/11 - Good Visit
Fabulous pool area.
Food court is very handy and offers reasonable food prices (Mcdonalds, Philly Steak, ex.)
Layout ifs pretty easy to navigate. If you go out the far north exit, there is a convenience
everything store right there. Walk through it, exit and go one block to the ABC store. Prices are
much cheaper for your booze and snacks.
Cocktail waitresses all over the place.
Grand Petite King Suites are very nice, pay the extra its worth it.
Buffet was $35 per person and included about everything you could imagine. Its was laid out
well, isle's for Asian food, Italian, Salad, Desert Bar, Prime Rib, etc.
Many of there trendy up scale restaurants that had few people in them, Prices were
Music is piped all over the casino and its loud. Very loud. Especially in the pool areas. MGM is
catering to the 25 to 35 crowd who have money and are looking to get laid. So the music is for
them. Lots of younger people there.
<fris1chr67 -at- yahoo.com> - Rochester,mn - Added 02/01/14 - [96.42.193.***]
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Aria Resort and Casino
Date Visited: 11/12 - Good Visit
We've stayed here 6 or 7 times now, going again this November, great variety of everything!
<glenvaleresort -at- hotmail.com> - Canada - Added 08/22/13 - [204.237.86.***]
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Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino

Date Visited: 07/13 - Good Visit
Rooms are a great value. Disappointed to see 6-5 blackjack on some tables.
<mpspgp -at- yahoo.com> - FORT WORTH - Added 07/07/13 - [66.169.148.***]
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Flamingo Las Vegas

Date Visited: 05/13 - Bad Visit
Very difficult to find things in this casino. Rooms were very sub-par. Small bathrooms...bad decor. There is NO ROOMSERVICE between 9:00 P.M. and 6:00 am - ridiculous!!!
<caeshelman -at- gmail.com> - HOUSTON, TX - Added 05/08/13 - [207.70.157***]
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Venetian Resort Hotel Casino

Date Visited: 04/12 - Good Visit
best experience wonderful shopping restaurants pools and gambling. Another world.
<marydubin -at- comcast.net> - - Added 05/02/13 - [98.252.4.***]
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Rio Suite Hotel and Casino

Date Visited: 02/12 - Bad Visit
casino is run down comment from cab driver was caesars has ruined this place as we drove to the casino. Stayed here
in the past and the decline was evident. Rooms were never first rate but now the casino is very seedy.
<marydubin -at- comcast.net> - delaware - Added 05/02/13 - [98.252.4.***]
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Aria Resort and Casino
Date Visited: 03/13 - Good Visit
<dallfine1958 -at- gmail.com> - salem ma. - Added 04/22/13 - [107.3.71.***]
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Bally's Las Vegas
Date Visited: 04/13 - Good Visit
Absolute best location on the strip, friendly helpful staff, great value. Long time Harrahs customer, we stay and play at one of their properties, and play at that one and all the others for the benefits (read comps, offers, etc.). My only criticism is lack of buffet, closest is Ceasers or Planet Hollywood.
<jbell5077 -at- gmail.com> - Texas - Added 04/10/13 - [76.30.179.***]
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Caesars Palace

Date Visited: 03/13 - Good Visit
We spend 4 days and 3 nights at Caesars Palace and were treated like kings. The check-in went smoothly and quick, the people and staff were helpful and friendly, the rooms were ready and clean as soon as we checked in and i did great in the Casino where i actually won a $1,500 Jackpot. All in all a great trip (and a lot of fun) and we look forward to coming back in July for my wifes birthday.


<s.stirling -at- comcast.net> - - Added 04/04/13 - [70.89.141***]
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Palms Resort Casino

Date Visited: 08/12 - Bad Visit
nothing but prostitutes
<alphonns -at- gmail.com> - - Added 03/23/13 - [70.189.179.***]
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Bally's Las Vegas
Date Visited: 06/13 - Good Visit
Excellent stay at Bally's, stayed with my three boys. Stayed in the North Tower room 2251, for an extra $30.
Room was big and comfortable as well as the beds. Service outstanding, great location. Will stay here again.
<anthonyochoa95 -at- gmail.com> - Merced, CA - Added 03/22/13 - [166.147.123***]
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Colorado Belle Hotel/Casino
Date Visited: 01/13 - Good Visit
The Pints resturant has great food, very good service and is a good value.
<wallytempe -at- cox.net> - - Added 02/12/13 - [68.99.86.***]
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Orleans Hotel and Casino
Date Visited: 01/13 - Good Visit
Good casino and great returants.
<wallytempe -at- cox.net> - - Added 02/12/13 - [68.99.86.***]
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Sunset Station Hotel Casino
Date Visited: 01/13 - Good Visit
We stopped in for the breakfest buffet and stayed a while as the casino was very friendly. The buffet was great and a great value, the casino was the loosest we found this trip
<wallytempe -at- cox.net> - - Added 02/12/13 - [68.99.86.***]
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Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon

Date Visited: 08/12 - Good Visit
Looks like Bill's is closing Feb 4th for conversion to boutique hotel. I will visit one last time this month before it
<dlbudd -at- shaw.ca> - canada - Added 01/13/13 - [174.1.145***]
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Flamingo Las Vegas

Date Visited: 08/12 - Good Visit
Excellent location, average casino, but you can't complain when you stay for free.
<dlbudd -at- shaw.ca> - canada - Added 01/13/13 - [174.1.145***]
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Mirage Hotel and Casino
Date Visited: 12/12 - Good Visit
The Check in was fast despite the long looking line, and the bed was very very comfortable! Didn't want to leave. The location was great as it was right on the strip side with great views of the volcano show.
<lovintouch -at- yahoo.com> - - Added 01/02/13 - [68.224.252***]
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MGM Grand Hotel/Casino
Date Visited: 12/12 - Bad Visit

<> - - Added 12/20/12 - [68.104.10.***]
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Bally's Las Vegas
Date Visited: 12/12 - Bad Visit
We just got back from our trip and we will never stay here again. We have stayed here once
before and it was much better. On the first night we ran out of Kleenex and after house
keeping was there the next morning it was still empty. So then we took the box out of its
holder still no results. So then we threw it on the floor still no new box. They did not
even pick it up off the floor. All they did was make the bed and new towels. They did not
even vacuum the floor when we accidentally spilled baby powder on it. When we arrived
there was a penny on the floor, so there cleaning skills are horrible. This hotel has gone
way down hill. The one thing I can recommend is the Balley's Steak House. The food was
good and so was the service. It was better then on of our trips when we eat at on off the
higher end places in Bellagio.
<> - Curtiss, WI - Added 12/14/12 - [63.84.152***]
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California Hotel Casino
Date Visited: 11/12 - Bad Visit
First of all the guests there were great mostly local which immediately gave a home type atmosphere. As far as the hotel service they totally need to be trained. My check-in only 1 key, not very personable desk service. The first night ate downstairs, took forever to get a drink, the food to but that was understandable, was busy, then while eating one of the employees started sweeping the floor under the table next to where I was sitting. Very rude first of all I did not care to eat the dust she was sweeping up. Ordered breakfast next morning steak and rice, got hash browns and a steak so tuff, I think a dog would have enjoyed, and everything was luke warm. later that day called front desk to ask some questions, got put on hold 3 times, gave up, never once did they ask to call back after not so busy, nor receive any courtesy return call, finally gave up. Next, day was leaving room and ran into the housecleaning lady, she asked do I need room cleaning? and said it is too late in the day and looked at her watch. I said nevermind. What kind of service is that? When departing hotel room have to make sure door is completely closed, it will not close by itself completely, it stays ajar. Bathroom sinks do not drain properly, starts backing up after a couple minutes. Upon, departing I asked front desk if they could print my boarding pass, the lady looked at me like why am I asking her, then pointed to the area that has a kiosk and said I can print my boarding pass over there, which by the way costs $5. On top of that you have to figure out how to use it if you never used it before, very frustrating. Other hotels will print it for you, and for FREE. All together I was only there 4 days. Very unhappy and will never go there again. Very surprising being from Hawaii, our hotel service to our guests are very accomodating compared to the California Hotel and Casino. They lack professionalism and courtesy in a very negative way. Never again.
<knlittledragon -at- gmail.com> - California - Added 11/25/12 - [99.58.173.***]
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California Hotel Casino
Date Visited: 11/12

<> - - Added 11/25/12 - [99.58.173.***]
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Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino
Date Visited: 11/12 - Bad Visit
Customer Service for Imperial Palace is not good. Unfortunately they have a careless attitude towards their customers and that will hurt Imperial's business.
<jelainez -at- yahoo.com> - Sylmar, CA U.S.A - Added 11/22/12 - [96.251.161.***]
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Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino
Date Visited: 10/12 - Good Visit
Wife and I stayed in the Rush Tower for five nights and we can say it was great! Check in was very fast and easy, house keeping did an outstanding job, and beds very cumfey.
Location is the best, right on Fremont Street, easy access to bus lines too. Service was great and all foos was wonderful. We will stay here again without question. Thanks Golden Nugget, great job.
<tpadrta -at- gmail.com> - - Added 11/15/12 - [71.222.102***]
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Flamingo Las Vegas

Date Visited: 10/12 - Bad Visit

<irisher -at- sisterlakescable.com> - - Added 10/15/12 - [12.183.65.***]
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Encore at Wynn Las Vegas
Date Visited: 07/12 - Good Visit

<> - - Added 08/20/12 - [71.56.144.***]
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New York-New York Hotel and Casino
Date Visited: 08/12 - Good Visit
Wha a difference a year makes. Last years visit was a disappointment, we decided to give them one last shot this year. Because of the staff, this was the best visit in the last ten years that we've stayed there. Our casino host as well as all the other staff were great. The roooms, restaurants, and gaming floor were excellent. Dressing the table dealers in t-shirts is tacky. it cheapens the look. We're looking forward to next years visit already.
<jscotto983 -at- aol.com> - - Added 08/18/12 - [64.12.116.***]
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Monte Carlo Resort and Casino

Date Visited: 08/12 - Good Visit
Famiy friendly because there was access from lobby/shops and restaurants without entering the casino.
<> - Kaysville, utah,usa - Added 08/05/12 - [63.248.107***]
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Colorado Belle Hotel/Casino

Date Visited: 07/12 - Bad Visit
Many years ago when Laughlin was at its infancy, I stayed at the Colorado Belle. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, except inexpensive. But what I do especially remember is the mid morning fire alarm. Many people came out of their rooms about 3:00 in the morning and asked the management what happened. I distinctly remember their answer: “Some kids pulled the fire alarm.” (Note plural “kids.”) Beyond that, it didn’t seem too important to the morning staff. It seemed they knew who the perpetrators were, if they did at all (how did they know they were “kids?”) I talked to a few people later and they said it happened before. Lax security? My question was, where’s the security, especially for an emergency alarm? Then it dawned on me that it was by design that people were woken up in the morning, and viola! They couldn’t go back to sleep after an ear piercing fire alarm and the only convenient thing to do was to go downstairs and gamble! What a coincidence to have a wake up fire drill and a gambling hall on campus. What a scam.
<> - - Added 07/27/12 - [208.127.202***]
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