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Mandalay Bay
3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89119
  877-632-7000    702-632-7777  

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Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 12/03 - Good Visit
Stayed at THEHotel at Mandalay Bay over Christmas. This is the new tower @ Mandalay Bay that is all suites. We stayed during opening week and go a great deal of $109 a night. Let me tell you, if you can stay here. The rooms are wonderful. You have a living room then a separate bedroom.
The living room includes a large plasma TV, along with a desk and fax. Each room has its own phone number so calls do not go through the operator. The bedroom has its own plasma TV. The bathroom is beautiful and it also includes a plasma TV that you can enjoy while soaking in the oversized tub.
Other perks include, in room safe (which is hard to find at some properties), very comfortable bed, wet bar, and yes a 1/2 bath off the foyer when you enter the room!!
Service at THEHotel was excellent. They treat you like a King.
It is only a short walk down a hallway to enter into Mandalay Bay's casino.
This was one of the best rooms we have ever stayed in, and will try to stay here again.

<ctvrdik -at- hotmail.com> - Aurora OH USA - Added 01/27/02 - [63.155.200***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 12/03 - Good Visit
Stayed at THEhotel for New Years 2004. While the property was still under construction and many loose ends remained the overall concept was spectacular

The Good: Two Room Suite Design *****
Separate Bathroom in Salon
High Speed Data Connection
Fully Stocked Mini Bar
Plasma Screen & Main Bath LCD
Huge Main Bath: Separate Shower, Soaking Tub and Water Closet
Bathroom Goods: Bath Salts, Lotion, Sewing Kit, Shoe Sponge,
Mouthwash, etc...
Sophisticated Bedroom with a huge comfortable bed

The Bad: Television and PPV movies were not HDTV Compatible
resulting in lousy picture quality on the main Plasma TV.
Room service took two hours (this was New Years Eve)
Room Service food was lousy
A close examination of the room revealed cheap fit and finish in
some locations.

The Ugly: The Mini Bar tab after three nights celebrating New Years 2004

The overall property is fantastic. With the addition of THEhotel Mandalay Bay has the potential to become the best resort in town. My personal favorite.

<joemerritt -at- kellercms.com> - Los Alamitos CA USA - Added 04/09/04 - [207.212.19.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 11/03 - Bad Visit
Worst service we have ever received from any casino. The employees were unpleasant and apathetic. We waited 30 minutes for one handpay playing slots. We didn't stay here, just visited the casino and saw Mama Mia. The show was fine, but now that we've seen it, we'll never go back.
<ljohnson38 -at- cableone.net> - Twin Falls ID USA - Added 11/10/03 - [24.117.149.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 11/03 - Good Visit
Sayed at the MB 3 days in November to see the Andrea Bocelli concert. We usually stay at Mirage. MB rooms were very nice although all the women in our party claimed that the light in bathrooms was too dim for them to do their makeup. Ate at Aureole the first night and it was great. Have the tasting menu. Did Wolfgang Pucks Lupo the next night and also very good but noisy. Did the Border Grill the 3rd night and would not recommend it. Do not eat at the Red White & Blue. Roast beef sandwich was $15.00!! and it was horrible. Very overpriced for basically a deli staffed by kids. The hotel coffee shop Raffles has very good food and is reasobnably priced with a nice decor.
The casino is very large and nice with pleasant dealers. Most tables are $10.00 min. and go up from there in the evening. Did not bother me as I play $100.00 minimum anyway but most of our party went over to Luxor to play at night where there were lower min. tables. Got comped full RFB so everythig was fine for us there. Also they do give you credit for your odds bets on the craps table here towards your comps so better then Mirage resorts on that count. Would rate the MB our #3 favorite with the Mirage #1, Bellagio#2.

<tim -at- timbryan.com> - Paso Robles CA USA - Added 11/29/03 - [63.202.150.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay

Date Visited: 11/03
My fiance and I will be getting married at Mandalay Bay on Valentine's Day. We are looking for any possible information about restaurant choices for a reception and any other helpful tips before our big event. For this particular occasion, which restaurant would offer the best service, atmosphere, food, and prices put together? In addition, we would like to host a cocktail hour for our guests. Where is the best place to do this?

We would love to hear from anyone that has been through this experience to find out what you would recommend.

Please email me with any comments and suggestions.......edhondt95@hotmail.com

Your help is greatly appreciated!

<edhondt95 -at- hotmail.com> - Chesterfield MI USA - Added 11/29/03 - [12.75.21.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 10/03
Beautiful. Everything is so well layed out, except the attractions...too far away from the entrance
<meredith -at- primecopy.ca> - Bellingham WA USA - Added 10/06/03 - [64.180.101.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 10/03
I think this place is highly overpriced as well as over rated. I took my girlfriend there for her 21st birthday and would have rather saved several hhundred dollars and stayed at circus circus. The cock tail waitress were rude everything cost a fortune the slots dont pay the rooms were nothing more than a budget room with a better than average tub and counter top. The bottled water was 4.95, The inner tubes were $20 just to rent it was a rippoff, Go to LUXOR or the MGM!
<publknme2000 -at- yahoo.com> - Rancho Cordova CA USA - Added 10/22/03 - [67.124.6.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 09/03 - Good Visit
Check the Mandalay's website for the best rates. We got a room for $99 off the website. If you have a regular room, ask for a House of Blues room with a view of the Strip. It doesn't cost any more, but you get rooms furnished like the House of Blues restaurant and it is also situated on the top two floors of the hotel.

Hotel is top notch in Vegas... I would rank only the Bellagio and Venetian above it, but the pool and lower price puts Mandalay at #1, considering. Wave pool is amazing and lazy river is great, even without a $20 raft. (I recommend not buying a raft and just wait to scoop up and abandoned one.) The rooms are new and clean, and the bathrooms are just huge.

I didn't appreciate the wild animals caged in the lobby and I prefer more of a European theme, but the Mandalay won we over with its cleanliness and newness.

Only thing that is rough with this hotel is the location--way on the South End of the Strip. I recommend Center Strip, but if you can get a good deal, this is one of the best hotels in Vegas, regardless of location.

<kizeebo -at- yahoo.com> - Boston MA USA - Added 09/11/03 - [129.10.244.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 09/03
Mandalay Bay only has a few problems. It's so far away from the other more popular casinos. I spent $15 for a 12oz. beer and a coke, so I don't think the Mandalay Bay is all that wallet friendly. The waitresses on the other hand are smoking HOT. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't step my fat butt in the place again.
<gmajor2112 -at- yahoo.com> - Greenwood SC USA - Added 09/17/03 - [199.4.143***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 09/03 - Good Visit
mandalay is just too far from everything. they do have a tram to the excalibur but it still feels like it is on an island. i thought in general the staff was outstanding as was the sportsbook. they don't have enough grab and run eateries. i don't feel as if the facility is family friendly due to the lack of things for kids to do (with the exception of the pool). they do have the shark reef but you can only spend so much time there. i still rated it as a place i would go again do to the fact that i was treated so well from the time i checked in to grabbing a cab to leave.
<buckeyetodd -at- yahoo.com> - The Plains OH USA - Added 09/17/03 - [24.93.103***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay

Date Visited: 09/03 - Good Visit
We arrived on Labor Day around 1 PM and were able to check into our room right away, which we were very happy about. This was our first time staying at MB. The room was nicely appointed with a view overlooking the many pools. This is probably the most kid-friendly hotel in Las Vegas but we thought with summer vacation over, they would be all gone. How wrong we were! There were kids everywhere, especially in the pool area, as well as a large number of young adults, some of whom seemed to be away from home and unsupervised for the first time in their lives.

The hotel had recently opened the Moorea Beach Club, an adults-only pool which offered topless sunbathing. My wife was anxious to try it out as she does enjoy sunning topless. It was one of the reasons we picked Mandalay Bay. Imagine our shock and surprise when we were informed that while my wife could enter the pool area with no problem, it would cost $25 for me to accompany her! We both thought that was a ripoff and since she would not have felt comfortable going in alone, we passed.

It just so happened that we had a clear view of this pool from our room and we saw very few couples in there, usually three or four at the most. We did not see any woman alone. Usually two or more women went in together. There were plenty of guys on the other hand. The ratio was about 5-1. Draw your own conclusions. My wife had a brilliant idea. She felt that single women should be PAID $25 to enter, and that single men be charged $50. Couples would get in free. Sounded good to me. But what do we know? MB is building a whole new wing so they must know what they are doing.

One unforseen advantage to this pool is that it is a refuge from all the kids that overrun the other pools, as was the case when we were there.

Overall, we did enjoy our stay but this is not the type of hotel we prefer. The average age seemed to be much younger than the other hotels we have stayed at. Next time it will be Caesars or Bellagio.

<foxyguy77 -at- hotmail.com> - Arcadia CA USA - Added 10/09/03 - [68.6.44.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay

Date Visited: 08/03 - Undecided
I was at MB for Nascar race week in March. The rooms are nice...the bathroom is the best in Vegas. Loved the marble and the tub....but it needed a lock on the door. The room lacked an in-room safe. I was instructed that a box was available at the front desk(why don't I just give away my money). And the staff seemed to be trained by Dr.Evil...very rude and inflexable.I didn't get to see the pool area..a little too cold for March. The casino was empty...and I found out why...I should of just wrote them a check!! Even on the weekend...the casino was deserted. Go somewhere else and gamble. The only way I would stay here again..would be if I went for a romantic weekend....at least someone would be getting lucky.
<dj08coolvegas -at- hotmail.com> - Montreal QU Canada - Added 08/03/03 - [209.226.144.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 08/03 - Good Visit
Great Stay... the view of the strip from the room is incredible. the view itself is worth the extra dollars you'll dish out.... best thing to do is book in advance on the internet to get the best deal.. i believe the view form the hotel room is better than the view you get from the stratosphere..

the beds were great.... 4 hrs felt like a full 9 hours.... must be some fancy mattress... bathroom was great nice big tub.. had a good bubble bath.. his abnd hers sinks , even the shower was tastefull....

blackjack dealers are friendly .. good time to play is in the mroning.. when the min is $5 and the dealers deal nice and slow.... and you don't lose money so quick...

avoid the slots M-Wed.. i think they change the chips or something to make them pay less.... but go crazy on the weekends on the slots cause i saw quite a few jackpots being hit

<arun -at- highburytech.com> - New York NY USA - Added 08/10/03 - [66.65.60***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay

Date Visited: 08/03 - Good Visit
Spent 3 nights Friday thru Monday.
Overall a good visit, but there were somethings I didn't care for.

First the good: Room was fine, maid service adequate, check in smooth (15 minutes at noon) bell service quick and efficient. Only ate at Border Grill. (to kill time until check in. Food was very good - actually went back after checking out on last day).

The indifferent: Pool area looked great, never used it because I wasn't going to fight for a chair or wake up early to get one (being from Miami the pool and sun is not a priority to me) Service late night at the 24 hr restaurant Raffles?? the busser was very efficient... our waitress shouldn't have a job at Denny's. Bitter Old lady with an attitude. Hey not my fault she has to work at 3am! Never did have the problem with the elevators I keep reading about.

The bad: If you like Black Jack & Craps your in luck. Plenty of tables. Unfortunely, my wife likes the poker varition games. They only have 1 Three Card Poker, 1 Carribbean Stud and about 3 Let It Ride tables. She couldn't find a seat Friday Night or Saturday night. She opted for video poker, did well but says that cocktail service was terrible. And she was playing the poker machines by the front entrance (not some obscure corner)

There seemed to be quite a young crowd of early 20's. They made my experience at the craps table a nightmare on Sunday night. Finally the Box Man instructed the Stick to take the dice and they bounced the punk. His little friends and girlfriend then became obnoxious from the aisle. In my opinion they should of just tossed them all out of the hotel PERIOD. (big $5 Pass bettors & NO Odds cluless about the game)

I'm 35 and like to have a good time like anybody else, but the crowd at MB remind me of a buch of snobby ill-mannered rich kids.

I can see why some people like this place it is nice and have some great amenities but as far as I'm concerned it could lose the attitude. I don't need to stay here again.

<jay_in_fla -at- hotmail.com> - Miami FL USA - Added 08/26/03 - [66.21.192.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 08/03 - Good Visit
What can I say but one of the best places I've stayed as far as the room goes. Just for the asking, received a strip view and there are all kinds of goodies in the rooms. Not only the usual shampoo and condition, but also cotton balls, cotton swabs, sewing kit, shower cap, lotion, and mouth wash. Wonderful his and her separate closets, in-room safe, separate tub and shower. Floor to ceiling windows also and maid service was great.

No coffee maker, but I brought my own anticipating there wouldn't be one in any of the hotels unless one got a suite of some kind.

Lots of variety in gambling, enough craps tables and BJ tables. The only thing I didn't like about this hotel was the blackjack tables all dealt from a shoe and there were no hand-dealt games (maybe if I bet minimally at $25, but I don't recall seeing any at lower minimum tables).

Nothing but kudos and would stay here again!

<mnicks -at- mho.com> - Aurora CO USA - Added 09/07/03 - [64.58.12***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 08/03 - Bad Visit
This was the first time I stayed at Mandalay Bay and I was disappointed. I expected a lot more from this place. The room I had was just an average vegas room despite the high cost. You can do much better for the same price elsewhere. The furniture was a little worn and beat up. The bathroom area was nice, but the rest of the room was just too small. The thing that drove me crazy was the hotel elevators. The area to wait for and get on the elevators on the casino level is way too small. Several times, I had to wait in line just to get into the elevator boarding area. A typical wait was for 4 or 5 elevator loads to board ahead of me before I could get on. While you are waiting, you have the pleasure of getting bumped by the people getting off the elevators as they go by. Then when you finally get on an elevator, it's packed to the max and almost all of the floor buttons are pushed because so many people are on there. It's a long ride to your floor with all of the stops. One particular annoying thing is that there is an entire bank of elevators reserved for going to some place at the top of the hotel and no one is using them! I can't imagine what the building architect could have been thinking. I consider this a hotel planning disaster. I hated the elevators so much I was in my room considering not going downstairs just because I didn't want to deal with the elevators. Anyways, the beach area was very nice and the highlight of the resort. But this area was also packed. All the chairs were taken and there were tons of them out there all packed together. The wave pool and beach was a cool feature and was a lot of fun. The casino is quite large and I didn't get a very comfortable feeling in there. It seemed a little cold and unfriendly to me. The dealers I had were not very friendly in my opinion. I did win on the trip so that was nice, but I would not go back to Mandalay Bay. The packed elevators and pool area along with the unfriendly casino just didn't do it for me.
<funfun4meme -at- yahoo.com> - USA - Added 01/16/04 - [63.203.68.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 08/03 - Good Visit
My favorite hotel in Las Vegas. I try to get there at least once a year. The pool area is the best in Vegas. A large wave producing pool with several smaller pools, including a lazy river. Get there early to get a prime spot, as it is very crowded on weekends. Drinks can be pricey, but me and my buddies make a liqour store run when we get to Vegas and throw beers and drinks in non breakable containers and bring them to the pool in backpacks.
Table games are generally $10 and up minimums. One complaint I have is that Pai Gow is a $25 minimum. The sportsbook is very large with a comfortable lounge to sit and watch all the games.
Plenty of entertainment within the casino. House of Blues is great on Fridays for people like me, playing 80's music. There is also Rum Jungle and Red Square. I've never had bad service. The staff has always been friendly and eager to help. I highly reccomend Mandalay Bay.

<puckstopper1991 -at- hotmail.com> - USA - Added 07/02/04 - [66.209.78***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 07/03 - Good Visit
The valet service was very friendly and I got a very nice view of the strip. Not to mention the rooms were very elegant with a bathroom made from gold and marble and glass. The casino is nicely layed out with one of the best sports book in town.
<toydude2069 -at- yahoo.com> - USA - Added 07/22/03 - [67.123.239.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 07/03 - Bad Visit
It was just horrible from the start. It was more expensive than most other hotels on the strip. It was far away from everything else. From the moment we stepped into the hotel, the front desk agent was of no help. She was impolite and not up to the standard of a 4-5 star hotel. Then we had to wait in line to get into elevators to get the floor we were at. The elevators were always packed and always seem to have people coming off of it, and no one can get on it, no matter what time of the day it was. I had reservation for two rooms, and was told at the front desk that they would be adjoint rooms. We got there and realized that it was two rooms facing one another. We called the front desk, altogether 4 different times. Each times the agent responding was rude and unappreciative of the guests that are staying there. They rushed you with your response, and constantly reminding us that nothing is guaranteed, and its not their fault on anything. The beds were ok, but the sheet had a burned hole in it. Just bad service all together. We would never go back again ever.!
<fortune928 -at- hotmail.com> - Walnut CA USA - Added 07/22/03 - [24.205.165***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay

Date Visited: 07/03
I have been here before, not to stay but to see the Shark tank and visit the casino. Shark show is way overpriced but I guess it costs a lot to maintain. this visit we stopped by to play some slots and I felt everyone was unfriendly and had an attitude about them! The slot hosts and change people almost seemed to resent you were there! We left after about half an hour and were soured on this casino because of the attitude. Anyone can wake up on the wrong side of the bed and I realize that, but when 4 or 5 people all have that same attitude, something is wrong.

<adpflyer1 -at- juno.com> - MI USA - Added 07/24/03 - [67.209.180.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 07/03 - Good Visit
Shark reef was well worth the price of admission. Rooms were spacious if not as luxurious as the Bellagio. Wave pool and lazy river were wonderful in July heat. If you plan to use the lazy river take your own inner tube because the rentals are $20 per day. Eating pool side lunch is a good value for Vegas (large portions of good quality food) and very convenient. Try to take in the bird show in the lobby. Elevator service was good considering the large number of rooms and very long hallways. Tram is very convenient but don't try to cut the Excalibur, it seems designed for visitors to get lost in the casino.
<jhansonfam -at- comcast.net> - Granger IN USA - Added 08/03/03 - [67.163.13***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 06/03 - Bad Visit
Our family of four have been visiting this hotel for many years, and we have always loved the wave pool. In years past even my wife and I have enjoyed the wave pool. The waves were strong (big) enough to body surf and came in sets of 4-5 every 5 minutes. But now (June 2003) the wave pool is just not the same. The waves, if you can call them that,come in increments of one every 15 minutes; and the waves are only 1 foot,too weak to body surf. I spoke to the management hierarchy and they were very defensive about it, like they did not want to admit that anything had changed. But since I had been coming to the hotel since it opened, unlike some of the newbe's who worked there, I knew better.
<dhayes1 -at- attbi.com> - Santa Clarita CA USA - Added 06/18/03 - [24.126.204.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 06/03 - Good Visit
Went to MB last weekend. Check-in took about 25 minutes. Not bad considering the amount of people.

We got a great room overlooking the beautiful pool area. The view was enhanced by the floor to ceiling windows. Room was larger than most. The bathroom was really impressive. Large stand up shower with a separate tub, marble tile, and a double sink. Two closets were nice since there were 4 guys in the room. There were plenty of hangers. Usually there are only about 4 and you can't hang everything up. Iron and ironing board in closet.

After checkin (on Friday) we hit the famous pool. It was very impressive. Difficult to find a place to lounge. Mostly because you don't know who has left. Mandalay would do well to have some sort of system that would identify when lounge chairs were available. Wave pool is a great place to hang out do some people watching. Waves are small, but who cares? Only thing that seemed stupid was that the lifeguards kept people in a small zone. I think they were a little too concerned about people getting hurt. Especially, with one foot waves (more like swells). Lazy river was packed, but fun to take a few laps around. Drink service was some of the best I had in Vegas. Great system of putting a flag up on your chair, when you want a waitress.

Hotel and casino area are very nice. Very stylish. Ate a good meal at the House of Blues. Seem to a good variety of other restaurants. There is no food court. We just took the tram from MB to Excalibur and went to their food court. The tram is extremely convenient. Gets you right to the corner with the MGM Grand and New York New York.

One drawback to this hotel has got to be the crowds at the elevators to the rooms. Lines all the way into the hallway a few times.

<bri9920 -at- yahoo.com> - Huntington Beach CA USA - Added 07/01/03 - [198.81.26***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 05/03 - Good Visit
Mandalay Bay is a nice hotel and casino. The check in took some time but I was there on a fight weekend so I am sure that had something to do with the added crowd. I was able to check right into my room 2 hours before official check in time. Had a room on the 33 floor almost all the way at the end of the hallway. I had an unbelievable view of the strip. I was there on business and had some other associates with rooms on lower floors and not looking over the strip. The rooms were just as nice but they could not compare with my view. Definitly ask for a high room with strip view. The rooms are nice, typical for upscale Vegas. The bathrooms stood out. Nice big tub,seperate shower,toilet is in its own room so you can use the bathroom while someone else is going. Two sinks and lots of mirrors. Two nice large closets as well. The rooms need more dresser space and have no mini bar. Nice King size bed wit ha 27" TV with cable and PPV movies. Hallways were clean and lots of elevators so little wait to get downstairs. Casino is large and has every game you will want to play. Slots and video poker were generous. Won over $300 in video poker in one 2 hour sitting. Lots of great bars and resturants. 3950 was an OUTSTANDING resturant. Great atmosphere and teriffic food and service. Red Square was a great bar with awsome martini's and outrageous bartenders. I was dissapointed with Lupo's (Wolfgang Puck's) Food and service was mediocre and the resturant was loud and crowded. If you have to choose go to 3950 you will not be dissapointed. My real complaint was the pool. They bill it a the best pool in Vegas. I was not real impressed. The wave pool is not as big as you think it will be. It is long and not that wide. Only one wave every 2 or 3 minutes. The beach is seperate from the pool and not very big. Always crowded because of this. The lazy river is a joke. It is small and takes 20 minutes to go around. Do not pay the $15.00 for a tube you be upset because its so short. The other two pools are not that big and you have to fight for a chair. I stayed at the MGM last year and their pools and pool area were much nicer in its size and set up. On a whole I enjoyed my stay at Mandalay Bay and I would go ther again. It is clean and a class place. Just don't go there because you are sold on the pool.
<ogre9193 -at- yahoo.com> - Middletown NY USA - Added 05/06/03 - [24.161.0.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 05/03 - Good Visit
<FINGERPRINTS5935 -at- AOL.COM> - Anchorage AK USA - Added 05/18/03 - [198.81.26.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 05/03 - Bad Visit
The hotel is beautiful, BUT the wave pool was a major disappointment! The waves are really timid, and not at all like even their promotional video shows. We arrived 30 minutes before check in so they suggested we check out the pool. We gave the bell desk a tip and our luggage and walked around for 15 minutes. Now it's 15 minutes till and there are 50 people infont of me already being checked in. THANKS FOR THE POOL SUGGESTION!!
Then they didn't have our room ready. We came back later and had to pay the bell desk again to get our bags.
Overall thoughts: check in counter not very helpful; bell desk very polite; beware the cabana reservation guy. He's rude! beautiful casino, but dress to impress!!

<cwelsh -at- iastate.edu> - West Des Moines IA USA - Added 05/24/03 - [66.112.15***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 05/03 - Good Visit
I have stayed at least 10 different hotels on the strip and Mandalay Bay is so far my favorite hotel on the strip. The rooms are nice we had a great view of the beautiful beach/pool area. It made me think I was on a tropical island. The bathrooms are big with double sinks and separate tub and shower. The pool area is beautiful with a white sand beach, zero-entry wave pool, lazy river, and two other free swim pools. The spa is the best! Very nice and excellent service. The only negative I could find was some of the shops and restaurants can be pricey and the hotel location is all the way at the south end of the strip (if you like to walk to other hotels). However, there is tram that takes you to the Luxor and then onto Excalibur. Overall I would definitely recommend this hotel and I will be back!
<micaschuler -at- att.net> - CA USA - Added 01/19/04 - [12.72.15.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 05/03 - Bad Visit
My trip was ruined by the man who was with his boyfriend in the next room and you could hear them screaming as they fucked. It was bad I will never stay there since my children were scared that the men would kill them and one man was killing the other and they were scared.
<andrew_halloway -at- hotmail.com> - Beverly Hills CA USA - Added 02/17/04 - [206.45.119.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay

Date Visited: 04/03 - Undecided
I didn't pay for my time here although dropped a little money in their casino. If you are serious about your gambling- go elsewhere.
The rooms are nice and large with all sorts of stuff in the bathroom like bath salts and a sewing kit. The long vanity has two sinks and a separate tub and shower. The tub is large.
Very comfortable but interesting enough, some of the worst maid service I have ever encountered in LV. One day they weren't able to get the room made up at all and luckily I was able to intercept a maid cart in the hall to at least get some fresh towels and a vital supply of paper for the bathroom.
Cleaning was lackluster with heavy dust on top of the TV amoire and around the marble trim in the bathroom. The maids are very friendly however they probably just need some training or perhaps there are not enough of them.
You'll have a hard time finding inexpensive food here although there is quite a selection. Be prepared for a hike from the parking garage to your room. My wife however loved the pool area where she spent much time- it is impressive with a river and waves.
This is another hotel where your "one card" works but like I said, the gambling is better at other places if you like VP or serious BJ.

<paulobs -at- attbi.com> - Grand Junction CO USA - Added 04/20/03 - [12.252.97.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 04/03 - Good Visit
We arrived on Thursday at 10pm and checked right in. We had to pay $25 per night to upgrade to the Fiji tower. We were on the 29th floor, had a fridge and safe in the room. Great view looking north on the strip. The room was definitely worth the upgrade. It was a nice room with a huge bathroom that would have been great if I had been with a girlfriend instead of 2 other guys. We stayed Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon for around $760. There is nothing bad about this place. The only complaint I have is that stupid show Mamma Mia. I didn't see it, and I'm sure a lot of people like it, but I can't get the song "Dancing Queen" out of my head because of the constant commercials for the show. I had the buffet for lunch, breakfast, and dinner and each time it was good. I stay away from most stuff on the buffet. For breakfast, I ate omelletes from the omellete station and bacon. For lunch, I had the carved ham and turkey and something from the live action pasta station. For dinner, I ate crab legs, peel and eat shrimp, carved roasted leg of veal, and prime rib. If you eat things you will be very happy. I also ate breakfast and late night dinner at Raffle's and both times it was good. I played somewhere between 20 and 30 hours of blackjack. I am a maniac when I bet so sometimes I was betting $10 per hand and sometimes $50. It was enough to get 2 free dinner buffets and I wasn't expecting to receive any comps. The cocktail waitresses are the best. 90% of them are attractive. I didn't see them very often when I was playing Video Poker, but they were always around when I was at the blackjack table. The Island Lounge is great, we drank there several nights. I don't care much about pools because I am from Florida and can do that here so I only walked around it for about 10 minutes, but it looked nice. I will not stay anywhere else except Mandalay Bay the next time I am in Vegas. This was my 2nd trip to Vegas, so I didn't care about going to 20 casinos so the far south strip location didn't bother me at all. This is more expensive that other places but it was all worth it. I say its not family friendly because I can not think of any reason to bring someone under 21 to Vegas. Take your kids to Disney world and come to Vegas by yourself.
<rtj4000 -at- aol.com> - Ormond Beach FL USA - Added 04/24/03 - [207.0.220***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay

Date Visited: 04/03 - Good Visit
Nice rooms, wonderful bathroom with huge tub and separate shower. Great food at Raffles, Bleu Blanc Rouge, Red Square and the beach grill. Good service all around. Our only complaint about the casino would be that the minimums at the craps tables (all 4 of them) were higher than what we wanted to play, so we wasted too much money on video poker! Our only complaint about the hotel would be that it is SO crowded, especially with kids. The pool area was PACKED like baby sardines. The only reason I might not stay here again would be to try to find a hotel with fewer kids. Otherwise, it was great!
<dmccartney -at- wichitaeagle.com> - Wichita KS USA - Added 04/25/03 - [206.153.168***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 03/03 - Good Visit
NICE!NICE!NICE! Albeit pricey, Mandalay Bay was an awesome place for us to stay.Clean,fresh,smoke-free.Excellent room, view, and service.Staff friendly, caring and all in all an excellent place to stay.
<ktj001 -at- msn.com> - Nipomo CA USA - Added 03/09/03 - [67.227.12***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 01/03 - Bad Visit
We just visited in January 2003. We got a deal in the mail for $89 a night. We had a room on the 7th floor with a view of the air conditioning units. We checked in on a Sunday afternoon so it was fairly smooth. The hotel was practically deserted, not half full. The tropical perfume stench through out the entire property is truly disgusting. The plants are all fake as opposed to the beautiful orchids at Mirage. Mandalay Bay practices very deceptive advertising for their Club One players card. The brochure we were given at check in states that if you earn 200 points(read lose $200 ) on your first visit you will be entitled to a coupon good for 10% off your next stay as well as other 2 for 1's and discounts. This was also repeated when we signed up for the card. We earned our 200 points, got our little package & there was no 10% off next stay. When we inquired we were told they no longer offer that but we do get a free dessert with dinner at Wolfgang Pucks restaurant, a $6.00 dessert on a $30 entree. I think we saw 2 cocktail waitresses the entire time we were there so the service was terrible. It didn't seem like anyone was winning, including us. We live in San Diego & go to Vegas often. We will not be returning to Mandalay BAy. Bellagio here we come!
<strandarcy -at- aol.com> - USA - Added 01/14/03 - [205.188.208.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 01/03 - Good Visit
Fantastic rooms and great service. Don't know what the others were complaining about. I admit that it wasn't crowded in January, but do you like crowds?? We stayed four nights, won over $2,000 on slots (only nickel and quarter machines), and raked in $120 in cash back and the same in comps. The buffet was one of the best I've had in Vegas, but a little expensive.

I've been to Vegas at least once a year for the since '95 , and feel that Mandalay Bay is the best place I've stayed (stayed at Rio, Palace Station, Luxor, Treasure Island, San Remo(yuck), MGM Grand).

One of my favorite things about Mandalay Bay was the ADULT crowd. I've been at too many places in Vegas where "family friendly" means that you have to dodge strollers all day and night. Please people, I love kids, BUT NOT IN VEGAS.

<kclemmer -at- wi.rr.com> - Milwaukee WI USA - Added 05/31/03 - [65.30.214.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 11/02 - Bad Visit
Front Desk was not properly manned for a Sat. night . . . 3 on duty with about 50 people in line. Had to argue to get the king room that we had reserved. Ended up with a smoking room on the 4th floor. The bathroom has a two-panels that do not come together properly, nor does it have a lock on it. The shower stall had a clear, see thru glass door which I personally don’t like . . . especially with no lock on the main bathroom door. (What if I was traveling with kids and didn’t want them in the bathroom while I was taking a “clearly visible” shower.) There were no handrails of any kind in the shower stall either. My husband used the round white soap in the bathroom the first night and by the next AM he was broke out from it. He said it made his skin burn & sting. The rooms were dark, even the bathroom. It was hard to apply make-up, even with the make-up mirror in the bathroom. Not much to choose from on TV. There are no in-room safes, which is not good in Vegas. I agree with a previous comment that I read; the hallways are noisy (due to poor insulation probably), the paisley print carpet is dirty and the tropical scent in the lobby gets to you after while. The Orchid Lounge was packed Tuesday evening and there was no cocktail waitress. She was there one time and then disappeared. We waited 30 minutes for the cocktail waitress to bring our drink back while playing the slots. It kept us playing and that was what they wanted I guess. It wasn’t really warm enough for the pool so I can’t comment on that, it looked nice though. The Rock Lobster restaurant is now closed as they are turning that location into something else. The Raffles Café (open 24-hours) is good. Everything that we had there was good. I really enjoyed the chicken noodle soup and their dinner rolls are excellent! The desserts looked great, but we never had room to try them. The staff was always pleasant in that location. The bed was comfy and the pillows were plentiful. The location in reference to the airport is great. However, it is far away from most of the action on the strip. Actually, it does not sit on the strip but is accessible via the monorail from the Luxor or Excalibur.
<vkurzeje -at- mnsfld.edu> - Mansfield PA USA - Added 11/13/02 - [157.62.100***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 11/02 - Good Visit
My husband and I recently stayed here for our honeymoon. We stayed in a honeymoon suite which we had gotten a very good deal on. The room was spacious and the bathroom was gorgeous. We had a jacuzzi tub which was huge. The amenities were great. When I accidentally dropped a champagne glass on the bathroom floor, housekeeping was up in no time. (And it was about 3AM)
The only minor thing is that the hotel is not in the center of everything. The casino was spacious and well decorated. We enjoyed our stay.

<mathteach112358 -at- aol.com> - Wharton NJ USA - Added 12/05/02 - [172.171.128***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay

Date Visited: 11/02 - Undecided
As much as I tried to upgrade for free , Staff are not able accept tips for a better room . Bartered for a room w/ a safe (?!!?) What new hotel DOESN'T have safes ?! The rooms was high up and looked out at the pools and mountains but really wanted a suite. Turned out that the sheets , pillows and bath products were first class but they don't carry coffee pots - I mean even The Venetian was able to send up a coffee pot! Did not like the Casino for days until Thanksgiving night . Only one 3-card poker table , machines scatter and tight. We both lost 3 days in a row and made our own money back the last night - and were grateful for that.I don't blame Mandalay Bay - that the ebb and flow of gaming. They didn't comp our room but took off the food/drink we had charged to the room. Now here's my problem w/ Mandalay - we played as hard there as we play at Venetain and The Venetian took both our room AND food/drink off the bill - We HAD no bill. Now I think Venetian is a better rated hotel w/ a more monied clientel so I do question what is truely the better value. The Staff was kind and professional but rules are rules . This tight line is probably because of the One Card and their cheaper sister-casinos. Also thought the Spa was first rate - on par w/ Bellagio . I liked it better than Canyon Ranch at Venetian ... better products and atmosphere. Mandalay Bay is spread out while Venetian has more floors and levels. M. Bay has alot to improve. Their Staff's hands were tied and they seemed sorry they couldn't do more for us. Used the tran to visit Luxor and had fun over there but the the way back was to go onto Excalabur and who noew ? I was worried the whole time until it started moving back.
<patricj -at- stvinc.com> - Brooklyn NY USA - Added 12/26/02 - [63.75.14.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 10/02 - Good Visit
This resort is a class act! Spacious rooms, spacious casino, spacious pool area and good resturants to choose from. Only thing to puzzle me was the fact that there are no in-room safes. Highly recommend!
<gonefishn -at- cox.net> - VA USA - Added 10/21/02 - [68.10.87***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 10/02 - Bad Visit
It was a difficult stay - I had to wait a night for the room I had booked, the staff was difficult, you had to go through voice mail hell to get to the front desk, the room service was mediocre at best. The odds for 3 Card Poker and Carib. Stud were the lowest I had ever seen and the dealers and pit bosses surly at best. The view, after I finally got it, was great, but the hotel itself is HIGHLY OVERRATED. The staff seemed to think "You want service? You're staying at the Mandalay, isn't that enough!" On the good side, Charlie Palmer's in the 4 Seasons is a great steak house, but not enough to make up for everything else.
<jeffwilber -at- hotmail.com> - North Hollywood CA USA - Added 11/05/02 - [64.170.44.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 10/02 - Good Visit
Ahhhh...Mandalay Bay! I might have to say that this is my favorite hotel so far...I've stayed at MGM, Rio, Treasure Island, NYNY, Luxor.

ROOMS-The deluxe room was big and spacious. the view towards the strip was the best view by far! Big ass bathrooms. The decor was light and happy...no dark colors were used. The bathtub was big and nice to relax in. Separate shower was useful and the separate room for the pooper was perfect for my smelly friends...hehe...For some reason I felt very comfortable there. My original room was on the 9th floor and I didn't like the view...so I called down and they gave me a 21st floor room and conjoining to my friends without a problem...

Casino-I have to say...most casino floors are about the same...Mandalay had a great tropical scent like most places. high ceiling was nice but not cozy. Slots are super tight! Didn't win much in blackjack either. I love their rooms but hate gambling there. Sportsbook wasn't that great either.

BARS/Restaurants-This is where Mandalay gets it's high marks! They have the best line of Bars,Clubs,Lounges, and restaurants! Rum Jungle is a must. We went there and ate some great (but expensive) dinners and after 11pm it turned into a dance club with girls flying around in the sky and a live band! Try the Volcano drink...4 diferrent rums and after 3 of them i was gone and laying on the casino floor around 3am! Buffet was ok...not good as Rio but tasty. House of Blues had some nice dining also...the lounges in the casino was so much fun...great jazz band and cover bands...fun!

Spa-man...the spa was by far the #1 spa I've ever been to in vegas. Everything was top notch! Massage was $90 and it was worth it. The fruits and juices were free and i was going nuts for them...About 5 or 6 jacuzzis and all at differnt temparature! Steam room and sauna was clean and worked great. Shower and sink areas had all the top amenities! My hangover was gone and i was rejuvinated! A must! Only $25 to use the spa and i use the spa everyday...

Overall-Pool area wasn't great as advertised...too many kids. Not enough relaxing quiet areas. But overall, it's my #1 hotel...I had a rental car so I didn't mind the location. I know it's expensive but if you're going with few friends you can split the costs and it's worth it.

<vegasgigalo -at- yahoo.com> - USA - Added 12/03/02 - [68.41.149.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 09/02 - Bad Visit
My visit was very disappointing. It took 1 hour and 15 minutes to register it appears employees need more training on computer. Carpet in hallways were dirty and room service trays sat in hallway for days. Faucet in bathroom was not working and light out on one side of the bathroom.
<j.castaneda -at- verizon.net> - Bakersfield CA USA - Added 10/06/02 - [67.219.5***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay

Date Visited: 09/02 - Undecided
Yuppieville is quite overrated. The rooms were sort of beaten up, but the
bathrooms are really the best in Vegas, that is one thing this hotel has
over everyone. Otherwise, it is standard vegas cookie cutter but
overpriced. Still, if you want to see and be seen, it is a must, especially on
a weekend. I saw a few celebrities walking around mingling on the
weekend I was there.

<pdashow -at- hotmail.com> - Los Angeles CA USA - Added 12/23/02 - [69.3.58***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 09/02 - Bad Visit
Mansdalay Bay's Shark Reef is a total rip off. go see the Mirage's Fish tank
Lobby for FREE.

<pdashow -at- hotmail.com> - Los Angeles CA USA - Added 12/23/02 - [69.3.58***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 08/02 - Bad Visit
This property, although nice is miles from anything. A cab ride or an almost impossible walk from anything interesting. The prices are outrageous by Vegas standards. There is no moderately priced dining and there is no decent convenience store. The rooms are nice but the elevator service is more suitable for an average Motel 6 than a huge resort. An excellent pool facility is overcrowded, be prepared to defend your chair with your life. The rooms are very nice. The casino sucks! Worst payouts in Carribean Stud. (4 of a kind $150.00... I kid you not). Want to play two spots in Blackjack, you have to double your bets...not so at Caesars, Mirage or elsewhere. I think this is a class property being run by a low class outfit...Circus Circus, Excalibur etc.
The comping is terrible. I have been to Vegas 40 plus times and I would never stay here again. If you love Vegas and love to gamble there are plenty of better places on the strip.

<hypopg -at- aol.com> - Toronto ON canada - Added 08/08/02 - [152.163.195.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay

Date Visited: 08/02 - Undecided
A nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to stay there (again). For rooms that are double the price of the typical Vegas room, there is not much additional value. The bathrooms have some nice amenities - separate bathtub and shower stall, and extra closet space. If you have kids, be warned that you will be charged an extra $35 per kid per night here. Granted, the big attraction is the wave pool and lazy river, but at these prices you might want to consider taking them to Wet-n-Wild instead. The wave pool is nice, but the waves aren't all that big. As far as food goes, if you are looking for gourmet restaurants, there is plenty of selection here. But if you are looking for a basic, decent meal at an affordable price, look elsewhere. The buffet is a 50% markup over Luxor next door - we ate there instead. In regards to gambling, I've read several reports that their machines are 'tight' - I couldn't agree more. I did manage to recover some at their blackjack tables, but keep an eye out that some tables use the automatic card shufflers. Finally, the entire hotel and casino is infused with some type of tropical scent. The first time you encounter it, it has a rather pleasant aroma. But after 2 days, it begins to wear on you.
<Joseph.Porten -at- watsonwyatt.com> - Cleveland OH USA - Added 08/12/02 - [208.254.22***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 08/02 - Good Visit
Outstanding hotel and casino. Relaxed atmosphere, will come back
<kevco55 -at- directvinternet.com> - Burke VA USA - Added 08/15/02 - [205.136.7.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 08/02 - Bad Visit
Other than the pool area (and even it has its downsides), this place is w-a-a-a-y over-rated. It took an hour in line to check in. The halls were filthy, littered with used q-tips, cigarette butts, room-service trays that were left out during our entire visit, none of any of this was ever cleaned during our entire visit. The maids used some sort of cleaner in the bathtub and didn't rinse it, so that when I got in the tub I ended up with a rash all over myself which, fortunately, rinsed off in the shower. The hotel was generally understaffed, except for the gals who get you drinks out at the pool area. Speaking of the pool, its 20.00 PER DAY to rent an inner tube for the lazy river, and its $20.00 per day to rent a raft. Not to mention they charge hotel guests to see the shark reef. When you are paying upwards of 200.00 per night, this is rediculous. You couldn't even complain to anyone because there is no one at the desk to complain to. We stood there twice for a half hour each time waiting to speak to someone, and never did.
<david -at- dsblues.com> - Naperville IL USA - Added 08/16/02 - [205.153.56***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay

Date Visited: 07/02 - Undecided
The rooms were OK but not great considering the price. The water pressure was too low. The towels are clearly old. The bedspreads have shrunk and make the beds look rumpled. We asked the maid about this because it looked like someone had been lying on the bed when we first walked in the room.
<kosteen -at- cgmailbox.com> - Casa Grande AZ USA - Added 07/14/02 - [63.149.125***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 07/02 - Good Visit
Made our reservations back in late April so we got a $69/night rate. Arrived on Sunday early, imagine that! They did not have a king bed, non-smoking room ready, when asked how important a non-smoking room was (my wife being both pregnant and asthmatic), we were give a two queen bed, non-smoking room on the 32nd floor with a strip view for no charge, not bad at all!

Rooms are great; bathroom is huge with two vanities, seperate shower, tub and commode. Even o nthe 32nd floor water pressure was more than adequate, I might go as far to say a touch high. Lots of goodies in the bathroom, over our 4 days we had: bath salts, bath tea, body wash, mouthwash, lotion, a dental kit (toothbrush & past), and sewing kit are also provided in addition to the normal shampoo and conditioner. Floor to ceiling windows (with vents a very nice touch) are impressive, and as I said we had a strip view, and it was awesome.
Rooms seemed comparable size to Luxor and Aladdin. But with 2 closets there is no shortage of space (ironing board and iron also provided)

Pool area is simply awesome, we spent half the day out there on Wednesday, and visited 2 other times for at least a couple of hours each.

No shortage of $5 craps tables during our visit, but they never seemed to get a streak going :( I really like the casino, very open, lots of room to move in the slot and VP area.

All Resturants on campus are all on the pricey side. Some are worth it (China Grill, Red Square) and some are not (Bay Side Buffet) We ended up splitting quite a few entrees just to get human sized portions and save some $

<sjdavanzo -at- excite.com> - Waterford MI USA - Added 07/20/02 - [66.73.14.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay

Date Visited: 07/02 - Good Visit
This was our 5th time at Mandalay Bay. I particularly love the bathrooms and ammenities. Very spacious. We've never had water pressure problems on any floor. The elevators can sometimes be a problem--crowed with long waits, at times.
We tend to go to different hotels for shows, etc... during our stays, so we don't eat every meal at Mandalay. It's true, there isn't a simple, inexpensive place to eat if you only want a sandwich or something quick and easy.
I love the pool area, but the lifeguards need to police the saving of chairs a little more.
We've always found the service to be very good and we always feel welcome there.

<allrose -at- aol.com> - Fredericksburg, VA USA - Added 09/11/02 - [152.163.188***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 07/02 - Good Visit
I LOVE MANDALAY BAY!!!....its like paradise.The best time to visit is the in summer due to their beach. Its a great getaway spot for those of you looking for paradise, but cant really afford paradise. The price is expensive, but worth it.The casino is good, but it doent have many options for 5 cents slots. As for resturants its 4 or 4 star resturants. Expensive, but so delicious.The best of Mandalay is their beach and rooms.I felt pamapered just being in the room. I cant wait to go back its my favorite casino.:)
<Elizabet81 -at- aol.com> - USA - Added 12/05/02 - [207.62.77***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 07/02 - Good Visit
I have to post this because I am confused. Everyone seems to complain about MB’s comps. THis is only about the Casino Comp system..not the property...BUT
I have stayed at Mandalay Bay twice. The last time I stayed was the first time I had joined their “Slot club” Or the “One Club.” That was in July.
I did not spend a great deal of money in the casino because it was more of a family vacation.
I played quarter/Nickel slots, very little table action. (Less than 200.00 at the tables). Had a couple of good runs with the machines but not much money in the slots, really. (In other words I spun the reels a lot but didn’t spend much of my money.) I don’t think I spent a lot of money at the other properties on the card either.
With that said, I have had the best comps I have ever had at a casino and I don’t know why. Now I am NOT Complaining...but it is odd to me that all in all I spent less inside the walls of MB Casino than any place I have ever stayed, yet I got comped on checkout for my meals last July, (The room was prepaid) and then I get an offer in the mail to recieve 2 nights in a suite, Plus 100.00 Food and beverage Comps. (I will take them up on that offer in April)
Maybe I am a mistake in the system...lol but I have NO complaints with the One Club!
Took them up on the 2 nights free suite and as luck would have it our room was not ready and we were upgraded to a fabulous suite! Everything was Perfect!!
Absolutely no problem and when we got home...we had another offer in the mailbox for 3 nights and 200.00 in food and beverage credit. As God is my witness, I am not a high roller and as far as gambling at MB concerned it is where I do the least amount. Not sure how I got on "The mailing list" but I am happy about it. I did join the paradise club online and that may have been a source.
We ate at the House of Blues and it was very good but VERY Soulfoodish and/or cajun. (Vegetables are like yams and turnip greens..blech) but nice moderate prices and exceptional service. We also ate at Raffles and enjoyed that very much as well. I am still not exceptionally impressed with the breakfast buffet at MB though.
Great time, just wish it had been warm enough to enjoy the Beach.

<ebaze1059 -at- aol.com> - Midland TX USA - Added 02/28/03 - [66.85.247***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 06/02 - Good Visit
I stayed at the Mandalay Bay June 1-10. The service was excellent right from the start. A bellman rushed to help me with one suitcase. Very impressive. Checking in was very quick. I received a free upgrade because I am a repeat customer. I was put on the 33rd floor in a corner suite with a fabulous view of the strip. The floor to ceiling windows are a wonderful enhancement to the room. The pool area, as I'm sure you've heard, is the best in Vegas. I advise to go in the morning or evening as it is crowded from about 12:00 to 2:00. The property is ammaculate. The detail is wonderful and the foilage is lush. However the location is not ideal if you want to be in the middle of everything. But there is a monorail and taxis to take you wherever you want to go. The hotel is very nice but not overly fancy. You feel relaxed whenever you are inside. The casino is gorgeous with beautiful woodwork and chandliers. Shark Reef is very nice and beats any other aquarium on the strip. All of the restaurants are second to none on quality and presentation. Mandalay Bay is a vacationers paradise with full service spa and any other amenity you could want or need.
<alma -at- irtc.net> - USA - Added 06/13/02 - [65.113.254***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 06/02 - Good Visit
I have stayed at Mandalay Bay numerous times since its opening a few years ago. It is always one of the nicer hotels on the strip or anywhere for that fact. Great Buffet, great drinks at rumjungle though pricey. I always have bad luck in this casino though and 5 dollar tables are nearly impossible to find.
<spjon25 -at- cox.net> - San Pedro CA USA - Added 07/13/02 - [68.4.62.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 06/02 - Good Visit
Very nice place great location with the above ground trolly to get down the strip was great. It only goes down the strip to the Exclbur but what a time saver. Nice pools and beautiful room.
<jeffrey.shaffer -at- prodigy.net> - Phoenix AZ United States - Added 07/21/02 - [65.58.137.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 05/02 - Undecided
Mandalay Bay
We enjoyed consistently excellent food (presentation, service and quality) although Aureole was disappointing in that the wine list had lots of variety but relatively little depth in terms of great (Californian) vintages. This may have been a function of the laughably snotty attitude of the "sommelier du jour" from whom we were forced to beg for additional information. Our suite (technically qualified thanks to a couch squashed into an extra corner) mirrored a standard Sheraton room in every other respect- complete with housekeeping staff screeching down the halls at 6 a.m. and a breathtaking view of the parking lot- oh, I mean the mountains beyond the parking lot. On the upswing, the pool area is indeed one of the best and the Spa is not to be missed. Go eat and play there (The Foundation Room, Rum Jungle, Shanghai Lilly's), but the Bellagio has better rooms, wine service and location.

<petrus66 -at- erols.com> - Williamsburg VA USA - Added 05/14/02 - [208.59.196.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 05/02 - Good Visit
Mandalay Bay was beautiful. We were given a suite on the 12th floor overlooking the strip. Everything about this hotel is nice. The bars, the food, the casino, the pools, the spa. We also were given passes to the House of Blues Foundation Room. That place was great - we recommend it if you get the chance - incredible view of the strip. The only complaint we have about Mandalay is that everything was so expensive. We ordered 2 drinks at the pool and with tip it came to $20. I got a bottle of OJ at the coffee shop, it was $4. It gets old pretty quick.
<john.spann -at- ingrambook.com> - USA - Added 05/31/02 - [208.129.24***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 05/02 - Good Visit
What can I say about this hotel? If you're staying here then you probably have the cash to spend on everything else. The buffet was expensive, but as everything else, you get what you pay for. It was huge and the food excellent. No better way to recharge after a long night of gambling and ....other things.
Pool area is unparalelled in Vegas or anywhere else...except for the beach perhaps. Bikini-clad waiteresses bring you cool, frothy libations as you soak in the sun and sights by this magnificent pool/beach combination. Although the Mandalay Bay may think they cater to families, they don't. So better take the kiddies to Circus Circus and save the 75$ a night.
All in all, a great place for couples or groups. I would return here, and will, first chance I get.

<surgitech25 -at- yahoo.com> - Branford CT USA - Added 06/02/02 - [204.60.185***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 05/02 - Undecided
I would have to say this hotel has one of the nicest bathrooms that was the best part of the room. When we entered the room it looked like someone had been rolling around on the beds they were all rumpled. The bathroom floor was not clean. Large stains on the carpet and knobs missing from the drawers so you couldn't even use them to put your clothes away. Check in lines were long but moved fast. Mandalay Bay needs to have some evenly priced places to eat.Slots were extremely tight didn't see anyone winning. Very expensive to eat and drink here. The pool was a very crowded. Tubs cost $20.00 many people went in the lazy river without the tubs. Ate at the Border Grill and it was terrible. The food was served cold and the flavor was not good. Save your time and money and don't eat at the Border Grill.

<jpankoke -at- yahoo.com> - Fairmont USA - Added 06/06/02 - [65.169.85.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 05/02 - Good Visit
Resort beautiful, carpet wet when we checked in and one of the sinks clogged in bathroom, that aside to our dismay some of our clothing was stolen from the room. We were on a three week road trip and had hung our clothes in the closet for the 4 day stay. The maid was smart enough to steal the clothes from the suitcase because we would not be looking in the suitcase. Thank god I used the safe deposit boxes for my valuables. Just thought I'd let others know.
<mao0719 -at- yahoo.com> - Joliet IL USA - Added 06/28/02 - [205.188.193***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay

Date Visited: 04/02 - Good Visit
Rooms are outstanding - bathrooms are large, with 2 sinks, separate shower and tub, and shower even has a Speakman showerhead with a nice, strong stream of water (no energy saving here!) No exhaust fan, though. Excellent climate controls - make the room any temperature you want, quickly and quietly. 24 hour room service - full menu. Everything was typical 4+ star hotel quality, with no notable deficiencies in any aspect of execution!

Casino was large, and more importantly, roomy. You never felt crowded. There were at least 3 excellent lounges, and restaurants galore! Pool had a sandy beach area, and a moving river for tubing. Truly, an all-in-one resort! Yes, the location on the Strip is poor, but I'd stay here again if it was the only place around for 20 miles.

<paulgani -at- smart.net> - Laurel MD USA - Added 04/18/02 - [205.197.48***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay

Date Visited: 04/02
The shark reef is worth the trip butit is a very long walk about 3 blocks from the entrance of hotel, then through corridors (passing views of pool) then finally the shark reef. They need some type of golf cart or mini bus to take people there. Also the gift shop did not have any type of guide books or souvinir programs re: the Shark reef.
<jotomcat -at- yahoo.com> - Chicago IL USA - Added 05/29/02 - [66.99.219.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 04/02 - Good Visit
Stayed at Mandalay Bay in April on a Springtime in Paradise internet promotion. For 129.00 per night (Sun thru Thur) we got 2 fers on the spa and Storm, & $50.00 airline certificates. Upgraded to Honneymoon suite ( + $30.00) which included 2 tix to the HOB Foundation room. Great value for $159.00.

FANTASTIC SERVICE. Easy check in at the desk (even though Tiger Woods "Tiger Jam" was leaving the hotel), arrived and the girl who gave me pool passes @ 8:00AM told me to come back @ 11:00 for earliest check in. At 11:00, she got me the suite facing the strip on the 17th floor, AMAZING view. Directly below the HOB Founders balcony, in the curve of the building!!! Look at HOB foundation room web site for this great strip view.

Can't say enough, the spa, food and service excellent. Had one of the best trips, and Cathy and I go every three months checking out different hotels each time, (We live in San Diego) and this package has been the best so far.

If you are skeptical about the airline certs they work like this. Call the toll free number, tell them the airline, and when you want to go, pay the complete fare. They mail you a check. I thought this was going to be a screw-job, but it works fine. Got on a Southwest flight, at the INTERNET rate, and got the check within 5 days!!! You are forced to use them as your agency, but there were no comissions, and they delivered as promised.

<david.colbert -at- wfinet.com> - San Diego CA USA - Added 06/04/02 - [205.158.219.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 04/02
We looked at every wedding chapel in vegas trying to find the best place to have our wedding and decided on mandalay bay. the wedding chapel is absolutely beautiful and the staff is very helpful. It was a bit pricy but I thought it was worth it. The chapel is down by the pool area and i really appreciated that it was set aside in a somewhat private location and not right near the casino. We were originally planning to get married at the venetian until we viewed it and realized the wedding woulg be right in the middle of an upscale shopping mall. the pool area at mandalay bay is top quality. The weather was colder than expected while we were there, so we only got to enjoy it one brief afternoon, but we really liked the wave pools and lazy river, along with the beautiful resort atmosphere. We had planned to *splurge* and stay at the hotel but ended up with a great rate $139 a night for the honeymoon suite. this is not their normal rate but keep your eyes open and check the website often for bargains, we got one! We only ate at the buffet and the blues cafe but both were great and a good value. We only peaked into the other more upscale restaurants but they are very immpressive looking. In general i was relaly struck by what close attantion had been paid to all of the design features, from the hotel rooms , to the restaurants , to the casino. Everything was really well done, and they've paid a lot of attention to small details. We didn't win any money in the casino, but my new in-laws did, and we enjoyed the atmosphere and how incredibly un-smoky it was. We wion't be staying at mandalay bay on our upcoming visit to vegas as it is out of our current price range , but we will certainly be visiting it. I would definatly stay here again if i found a good deal. It has all the class and glamour of the bellagio without the pretention and snobbiness.
<kristennn -at- brokebox.com> - Miklwaukee WI USA - Added 09/01/02 - [65.31.179.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 03/02 - Good Visit
We stayed at mandalay bay for 5 nights starting march 5th. the location of the
hotel is horrible. if you want to go anywhere you have to start by either taking a cab ,about 10 bucks with tip to paris, or go to the tram that only goes as far as the excalibur, making one stop at the luxor. then you would have to walk through the excalibur to get to new york new york, and walk from there...so anyway you have it you are walking all over the place!!! the hotel was expensive yet not much better then the excalibur <which we stayed at last year> the rooms were nice although the shower water had two speeds fast and super fast, and hard. and you couldn't move the nozzle so you had to stand against the wall like a fire hose was washing you off...ask for a room with a view of the strip if you go to at least get a good glimpse of everything around you. all in all it was a great vacation with a barely above average hotel with horrible location, at least the lady checking us out took off half the phone charges considering they charge a dollar for picking up the phone...if you want a better hotel to stay at i would choose the much older but just as nice tropicana or for the same price and better location and service paris. think of three words when choosing a hotel, location location location!!!

<griffen.collins -at- bcbsma.com> - USA - Added 03/12/02 - [216.118.190***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 03/02 - Good Visit
My favorite hotel in Vegas! Yes, the location is less than desirable, but what you get inside is top notch. From wonderful restaurants to a great casino and a room to die for.
<craig -at- bpm.org> - Phoenix AZ USA - Added 04/12/02 - [199.174.119.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 03/02 - Good Visit
The rooms themselves at Mandalay are the best I have found in Vegas for a standard room. I have not stayed at the Venetian yet and I hear that's a must see, but so far Mandalay is the best of the 4 I have visited. The rooms are large and the windows are floor to ceiling. Each bathroom is as large as those at Bellagio and you have a private toilet area which is nice when two are staying in a room. The restaurants at Mandalay are superb for the most part. The entertainment is very good as well. If there is a drawback it's the casino. I am a somewhat heavy better. I expect that as a rated player in the casino that I will be rewarded for my patronage. My last trip there I bet over $100 per hand average at the blackjack tables and lost a sizeable amount of money. The reason one becomes rated is if per chance you lose big then you are "comped" (compensated) with free rooms and meals. It's like insurance. I lost several thousand dollars at Mandalay and even though this was not devastating to me, I have no reason to return to their casino. I was only comped $200.00 toward my 4 night stay and nothing for my meals. Their comps are not realistic and I have since become rated at other casinos in Vegas. I would stay at Mandalay again, but I won't play there. If you're a serious player avoid their casino. By the way they will lie to you to get you rated.
<MIdas37 -at- msn.com> - Wildwood MO USA - Added 07/07/02 - [24.171.2***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 03/02 - Good Visit
Beautiful, very comfortable, but too expensive!!
<sabrefan -at- internet8.net> - Thibodaux LA USA - Added 01/30/03 - [198.51.92***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 01/02 - Good Visit
This was my second visit to Mandalay Bay in a year! My husband and I love it! From the moment you enter this resort it's different because you enter into a beautiful, classy registration area, not through the noise of slot machines. This resort has it all, you would never need to leave the property! The rooms are beautiful and the bathrooms are lovely with large whirlpool tubs! The pools in the warm weather months are the ultimate! From the sandy beach and waves to the lazy river - wow! The restaurants are all awesome and there is never a miss when dining at any of the restaurants at Mandalay Bay. My favorite is Shanghai Lily, which is so exquisite and the food is so good. The desserts there will knock you out! Red Square is very cool with the ice bar and bartenders that are both knowledgable regarding the vodka they are serving and very nice. Rum Jungle is hot! The food is really different and is worth checking out. We also had the pleasure of dining on top in The Foundation Room. If you have the opportunity it's a must! Five star dining and service with a view of Las Vegas that is the ultimate! What more can I say? Run to Mandalay Bay! It's the best! Also, this is not a place for children. I don't think anyone should bring children to Las Vegas. Vegas is not for children it's for adults and anyone who brings children to Vegas is nuts! Plus why would you want to worry about your kids when you're on vacation wanting to relax and have a few drinks? Mandalay Bay is very classy and nothing about it would be geared towards kids, except the shark exhibit. Your children would be bored and have nothing to do, believe me I have two children and would never bring them.
<MichelleFarnsworth -at- home.com> - Bismrack ND USA - Added 01/18/02 - [24.4.252.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 01/02 - Good Visit
While I did not stay at the Mandalay Bay during my visit at the end of Jan. 2002, I did spend quite a bit of time there. This is one magnificent resort. If you are looking for a tropical theme without going to Hawaii, you have to go here. The grounds are magnificent. Pools, a river, and even a sand beach. Inside is absolutely extraordinary. If you are an aficianado of salt water fish such as I am, you would be doing yourself a major disservice by not seeing the Lobby tank (10 feet in diameter and 10 feet tall), the Coral Reef Lounge tank, and most of all, the Shark Reef exhibit. This is the only place I know of where you can be surrounded by sharks on three sides AND have them above and below you. And then there is the food. No where else have I seen such an eclectic and diverse choice of eating facilities. If you are looking for fun late at night, the rumjungle and Red Square (right next to eat other) are a must. Yes, to spend any time at the Mandalay Bay, you are going to spend a bundle, but if you get the chance it would be worth it. My next stay will definitely be here.
<timbrr -at- cet.com> - USA - Added 02/17/02 - [198.202.30.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 10/01 - Good Visit
this hotel was alot of fun to stay at. i had been here twice before. once i was stuck here during 911 and was dissatisfied with the service however the next time would be different. everyone from the the dealers to the pit boss were friendly and as any true gamer knows this makes you feel comfortable.
the rooms were also very impressive. try to get a view of the strip upon check-in. you will love it.
the rom service is another story. i wont call it speedy but the quality is what counts when it comes to food. i did not find a better steak anywhere in vegas much less when i ordered at 330 am.
there is much to do in this casino. walk around and explore. you will find this place to be tons of fun. whatever you do don't miss the wave pool.
thanks for reading.

<beastie583 -at- aol.com> - USA - Added 03/12/02 - [64.12.96***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 04/01 - Undecided
We married here and requested a honeymoon suite. Didn't even get a piece of fruit, let alone a bottle of cheap champagne. The room was good size, but the carpet had a big run in it and it looked like the color was worn out of it. No self serve bar, no in-room safe!!!. Nice wet bar area, but NOT ONE drinking glass anywhere and the mini, mini fridge was warm. This review is in retrospect after having stayed at Belaggio last week 4/2002. The casino is smokey, limited entertainment. We could not check in even one hour earlier into our room to make arrangements for our wedding. Then we couldn't even get a bell hop to deliver our luggage when it was available and we were out getting our marriage license. Nice not having the huge crowds walking through your hotel though. The pool area was fantastic. This place is probably better for the 20 to 30 age group as our visit to the other day revealed. 30 to 40 crowd should stay at Belaggio. I had a whole list of gripes, but my wife told me to not bother writing them about it as it would not do any good. Beautiful wedding chapel though and we had an excellent reception at the Four seasons which is attached to Mandalay.
<rsteinhart -at- mindspring.com> - Tinley Park IL USA - Added 05/01/02 - [199.174.185.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 02/01 - Good Visit
Made a quick trip to Vegas to finalize our wedding plans and stayed at MBay. Our room (Fiji tower) had the most amazing view, all the way down the strip, clear to Treasure Island. The room was outstanding, bedding, bathroom, wicker charis and ottomans. We were there in Feb. so the pool area was closed so we didn't get to experience that part of MBay ... maybe next time.
<matt -at- perfectaudio.com> - San Diego CA USA - Added 05/15/02 - [68.8.84***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 01/01
Can't say enough about Mandalay Bay. Beautiful rooms and spacious baths. The casino is beautiful, well lighted, and lots of variety, although not as large as some of the others. Restaurants are great and swiming area is super! However, unless you catch a good promotion, the rooms are too expensive on average. Most people who go to Vegas go to gamble and have a good time, not to spend a lot of time in a beautiful room. I love this hotel, however, I will only stay there when I receive a special offer in the mail or over the Internet. Otherwise, just too expensive.
<gwoodall -at- srv.net> - Idaho Falls ID USA - Added 01/02/02 - [198.60.99.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 01/01
Very nice hotel. World's best pool complex. Great Sports Book.

Generally out of my price league, but $79-99 specials can be had occasionally.

<jendress -at- yahoo.com> - USA - Added 01/04/02 - [136.181.19***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 01/01
This hotel is the best complete package for people in the 21-35 age range. Besides gaming there are many cool activities to do on site. As far as the theme- out of all the tropical themed hotels, Mandalay can be seen as superior even to The Mirage. Aquarium, Pool, Spa, Clubs, Concerts- nothing can beat Mandalay Bay! I love it!
<design4u -at- lanset.com> - Long Beach CA USA - Added 01/10/02 - [66.81.68.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 01/01 - Bad Visit
My wife and I stayed here in January of 2001 on one of their "package deals". I believe it was $99/nt with suite upgrade "if available", free shark reef admission, and a complimentary airline ticket for use in the future. Since we had stayed there in the past it sounded like like a good value. I wanted to go back to the Golden Nugget but my wife won out. It turned out to be more of a gimmick than a value.
I will grant that their rooms are nice; especially the bathrooms, which have a separate soak tub and terrific bath salts. It was at check-in that the gimmick began as when we asked for a suite upgrade and were told immediately that there were none. It was a slow time and midweek so the first red flag went up. We were given our welcome package with the complimentary airline ticket and found out that you basically had to pay full fare for the first ticket to get your "free" one. The second red flag went up and we weren't even to our room yet!
The rest of the stay was fairly uneventful with the tighter than usual machines. All in all, this place left a bad taste in our mouths. The service was average at best. Unfortunately for us, we expected more from a property such as this. They have some draws; such as their wavepool, Red Square & the House of Blues, but that doesn't outweigh the rest.
Yes, it's buyer beware, but with so many choices in Las Vegas it's an easy decision: sorry Mandalay Properties, we won't be back.

<kenmar51 -at- charter.net> - Madison WI USA - Added 01/23/02 - [66.188.106.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 00/00 - Good Visit
I've yet to discover the perfect hotel in Vegas. The Mandaly Bay likewise has its strengths and weaknesses. Check-in was a tad slow but the place was busy and employess were assisting customers. I arrived expecting a weekday rate of $89.00 per night. However, the pleasant woman informed me that I qualified for $79.00 because I signed up on their web site. A $20.00 tip and I found myself in an upper room overlooking the strip which is exactly as I requested.
The service in the casino was good depending where you were playing. I found playing at a table meant fast access to drinks while the slots were slower. I ate at some of the restaurants and have no complaints there.
The pool area was awesome! Sure, it was crowded; if I wanted to be alone I'd stay home. Service was great; I didn't have any problem obtaining food or drinks.
My only major complaint is that I found the slots extremely tight. I'm not expecting a big payoff every time I visit Vegas but some minor winners to ease the bleeding helps! So, I'd stay here again, but catch a cab downtown to gamble.

<Alp1isterp -at- aol.com> - USA - Added 03/13/03 - [198.81.26.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 00/00
We did not stay at the Mandalay Bay but we did visit the resort and casino. The machines were tight and to get a drink or even see a cocktail waitress was out of the question. We dropped a bit of money in the slots and decided we needed a drink. went to a bar and was told we had to put in at least twenty dollars in the poker games to receive a complimentary drink. We weren't out for free cocktails. The bartender was having a bad day and passed his mood on to us. We kindly paid for our drinks and went our way. Of all the casinos on the strip this one was the most unfriendly. Actually, there weren't very may people in the the Mandalay Bay, they probably met the bartender.
<msbrau -at- pld.com> - Scott City KS USA - Added 03/05/02 - [24.224.4.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 00/00
I didnt stay at the hotel but i went for a look around and it looked great the pool was ace it was huge!!!!!!!!!!!! I stayed at circuscircus and mandalay bay had got the better pool!!!!!!!
<terry-anne -at- rhodescottage151515.fsnet.co.uk> - uk - Added 04/15/02 - [195.92.168.***]    Report This Comment

Mandalay Bay
Date Visited: 00/00
The hotel was very nice, however, we enjoy the slots and casino action and this hotel was as tight as any we have ever experienced.
<wedwards -at- diffenbaugh.com> - USA - Added 06/11/03 - [66.124.62.***]    Report This Comment

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