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Grand Spa & Health Club
Month Visited: 08/10
Very nice gym with lots of televisions and a view of the pool area. Did not have any treatments, but we enjoyed the sauna, steam room, whirlpool, and relaxation room. The bathroom items, showers, robes, and slippers were also very nice. Service was excellent.
<incaviglia29 -at- live.com> - USA - Added 08/27/10 - [76.0.68***]

Canyon Ranch Spa
Month Visited: 07/10
First time here and I found it to be very nice and relaxing. I didn't have to pay the entry fee so I can't
comment on that but if you go check out the wave room it's very cool.
I did happen to overhear the girl behind the desk at reception speaking to a "lifetime" member and I have
to say she definitely needs a lesson in customer service. If I was her boss I think I would have fired her on
the spot or found her a job more suited to her skills.
<johndurante2 -at- comcast.net> - Lake Worth FL USA - Added 07/14/10 - [76.108.192.***]

The Spa
Month Visited: 03/10
Loved the atmosphere. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Massage was FANTASTIC!
<happyhabit74 -at- gmail.com> - USA - Added 03/06/10 - [71.112.238.***]

Month Visited: 09/08
Used the gym daily and was nice for a change not to be charged over $20-a-day. FREE. Also had a
massage in the spa. it's not the largest facility, but then it's not the largest hotel by a long way. We worth
the trip and felt very pampered there. Would recommend.
<kato -at- lotusespritworld.com> - London LD UK - Added 06/04/09 - [87.224.82.***]

Canyon Ranch Spa
Month Visited: 09/08 - Undecided
Plenty of equipment there and all you could need, but $35-a-day for basic entry. I don't think so.
<kato -at- lotusespritworld.com> - London LD UK - Added 06/04/09 - [87.224.82.***]

Grand Spa & Health Club
Month Visited: 05/07
Not bad, but should be a little big and better considering the size of the hotel. Gym was pretty standard
for vegas. Didn't have any treatments.
<kato -at- lotusespritworld.com> - London LD UK - Added 06/04/09 - [87.224.82.***]

Qua Bath & Spa
Month Visited: 02/09
Just heaven, I can't tell everyone how wonderful it was and how beautiful it was and the mineral baths were so relaxing and the loose teas they make for you personally were wonderful, also I just was amazed by the arctic room.. you gotta see it to believe it, when you close the door it starts to snow.. just so beautiful inside and the service was really great also. Can't wait to go back.
<lovintouch -at- yahoo.com> - Boston MA USA - Added 02/26/09 - [68.108.60***]

Royal Treatment Spa

Month Visited: 02/08
Very nice, staff should be more friendly - not to say they were rude, but should make you feel they are there to serve you. Yes I would do it again as the individual who actually gave the facial was great.
<Jeepstuff68 -at- msn.com> - USA - Added 04/26/08 - [71.115.244.***]

Canyon Ranch Spa
Month Visited: 04/08
Really piss poor. I was expecting a lot. For the $35 they charge you should get more for your money. The place was just not very clean. The steam room was tiny. The whole place looked worn. Hopefully the new one at Palazzo will be better.
<none -at- none.com> - Raleigh NC USA - Added 04/21/08 - [74.162.173.***]

Paris Spa by Mandara
Month Visited: 09/07
Be warned! Unlike most hotels, this is not included in the price (and a steep price it is) of your hotel room. Paris does not even have a bare bones gym like most hotels, but, instead, charges $25 PER DAY (I'm sure it will have gone up by the time you read this).

Ended up working out in my room or running on the strip in the early mornings.
<leroybrownisbad -at- yahoo.com> - USA - Added 09/23/07 - [24.234.194.***]

Spa & Fitness Center
Month Visited: 05/07
Very relaxing. We had early morning appointments and were allowed all day access to the spa!!!
<stacey.gagliardi -at- gmail.com> - Fall River MA USA - Added 05/12/07 - [71.232.151.***]

The Spa Bellagio

Month Visited: 04/07
The Spa was incredible. The charge – unless you are getting a treatment – was $25. It was by far the nicest I have even stayed at, including the Mirage, Borgatta (AC) and several others at resorts around the country and on cruise ships. The hotel is often so crowded and hectic, the spa is a perfect getaway. The men’s locker room is huge, with 3 hot whirlpools and an ice plunge and a steam/eucalyptus room and a dry heat sauna. Free soda, juice, etc provided. Great showers with big rain heads above and two body sprays along the wall. Well provisioned sinks for shaving, etc. The best part for me was an unmarked door off the sinks leading to a private balcony overlooking the pool with lounge chairs. Absolutely peaceful.
There was also an excellent fitness area with great equipment and attentive staff. (Providing ice towels which on cardio machines is a nice touch) It was well used on a Wednesday morning but not crowded.
Treatments are provided in a facility down the hall. You are lead down a long hall, quiet with easily 40 treatment rooms. I had a mini-relaxer (30 minute massage) one day and a 50 minute massage the next day. The massage was by far the best I have had anywhere.
The Spa was the highlight of the trip for me.

<choirmast -at- aol.com> - Philadelphia USA - Added 04/08/07 - [205.188.116.***]

The Spa Bellagio
Month Visited: 04/06
It was an excellent experience and one that I would repeat in a heart beat. If you are a spa fanatic like I am, this is one that is worth staying at the Bellagio just to go to the spa.
<brizicurn -at- aol.com> - OH USA - Added 03/30/07 - [64.12.116.***]

Royal Treatment Spa
Month Visited: 03/06
I was this spa when it was first built about 2 years ago. It was very nice and the staff was quite friendly and we enjoyed the space.
<acharris -at- hotmail.com> - New Kensington PA USA - Added 03/16/07 - [66.24.109.***]

Spa & Fitness Center
Month Visited: 08/06
Very friendly staff and recently remodeled. The fitness room is nice with a good assortment of equipment. I have gone to this spa each time I've visited the Flamingo and I have yet to be disappointed.
<acharris -at- hotmail.com> - New Kensington PA USA - Added 03/16/07 - [66.24.109.***]

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